Attractive Chaos
The Fire Between Us
Out: April 12th, 2023
Playing time: 28:05

Attractive Chaos are a new band, with musicians from France and Italy. Singer Emma Elvaston and guitarist Clément Botz (both Beneath my Sins) live in France, while bassist Pietro Paolo Lunesu (Even Flow) hails from Italy. The band was founded one year ago. With “The Fire Between Us”, the debut EP is now available. The trio was able to win Thomas Calegari for the recording of the drum tracks.

Without preamble, i.e. without intro, Attractive Chaos start with “Before You Hit The Ground”. Guitar riffs dominate at the beginning. But when Emma Elvaston’s vocals kick in, the instruments and also the speed are somewhat reduced.  But later the guitars are roaring again. And with a high pace it continues with “Won & Lost”. Enriched with symphonic elements. In addition, guitarist Clément Botz contributes some growls. The hymn-like “Come To Me” is a bit calmer, ballad-like in places, with a great guitar solo. With “Still Here” follows a beautiful piano ballad. Later, strings join in. As Emma’s vocal partner you can hear Mario Del Rio Escobedo (Erszebeth, The Dark Star Calling, Alia Tempora) here. Another hymn follows (“As You Are”). And “The Storm” is the next duet with Mario Del Rio Escobedo.

“The Fire Between Us” is a successful debut album. The French-Italian collaboration works well. If the trio could also find a permanent drummer, energetic live performances should not be a problem. Let’s see if and when the musicians surprise us with a complete album.

Attractive Chaos – As you Are:


Emma Elvaston – Lead Vocals
Pietro Paolo Lunesu – Bass, Backing Vocals
Clément Botz – Guitar, Growls

Session Musician:

Thomas Calegari – Drums

Track list:

  • Before You Hit The Ground
  • Won And Lost
  • Come To Me
  • Still Here
  • As You Are
  • The Storm
  • Overall Rating - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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