Bestialord – Law of the Burning

Review By Monica Redwine

Of all the reviews I’ve landed thus far I am MOST excited that I got this one! I had never heard of Bestialord until I selected them from the list but I can tell they are going to a be a quick favorite for me. I checked out their Facebook page and saw their genre was “occult horror metal” so I knew before listening to them that it would most likely be something I would enjoy. They hail from Wichita, Kansas. I then hopped over to Spotify so I could give them a listen.

Right away I was happy with what I was hearing. Bestialord’s Law of the Burning immediately took me back to the 90s. While that might sound like a bad thing to some, believe me, it is a welcomed treat for me! It was reminiscent of some 90s Morbid Angel! Anderson’s vocals are great since he incorporates the growl but I am still able to decipher exactly what he’s saying. Musically, there are guitar solos and the drums and bass are perfect throughout the entire album. Their overall sound is menacing, spooky, bad ass and wonderful! One of my personal favorites from the album is “I Am Pain” because the lyrics remind me of the great horror film Hellraiser; it doesn’t get much better than that for me! Another quick favorite was “What is the End” with it’s slowed down tempo; I listened to it several times in a row. I assure you the rest of the album is just as amazing and I highly suggest it to everyone.


Track list:

  1. The Doom that Came
  2. Vermin
  3. All Fall Down
  4. Law of the Burning
  5. Marduk Kurios
  6. I Am Pain
  7. Loathed Be Thy Name
  8. Above the Vaulted Sky
  9. What is the End


Line Up:

Mark Anderson- Vocals/Guitar

Rob Harris- Bass

Chris Johnson- Drums

MHF Magazine/Monica Redwine


Disturbingly Good


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