Black Phantom
Horror Paradise
Label: Punishment 18 Records
Out: March 29th, 2024
Playing time: 47:31

Bassist Andrea Tito is the songwriter of the traditional Italian Metal band Mesmerize. With Black Phantom from Milan, founded in 2014, he has another field of activity. Three years after the band was founded, the debut “Better Beware!” was released, followed three years later by “Zero Hour Is Now”. This received a lot of positive reviews from all over the world. However, due to the restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, the band was unable to perform the album live. The third album “Horror Paradise” was released in March of this year.

“Sammy The Elf” – that’s the name of the first song on the album. But it doesn’t sound elf-like at all. Instead, hard-hitting Metal sound blasts out of the speakers. Iron Maiden send their regards. This continues with “Come Hike With Me”. The choruses are the crowning glory of both songs. Why should the basic melodic orientation change? And yet “War Of Tanks” is a little calmer and more rhythmic. But then the high-speed Metal club strikes again with “The Headsman”. “A Nigthmare” starts with a powerful bass line. After a calmer introduction, it becomes faster and more rhythmic again, but without crossing over into the realms of high speeds. That’s what “I Got The Callback” is for. “Listen To The Voice” then delivers a darker sound, tending a little towards Epic Doom. With partly distorted, evil-sounding vocals. “Beast On The Loose” then stomps along a little more doomily. Although that’s not quite true, long stretches are more reminiscent of Iron Maiden. A Black Sabbath – Maiden bastard. After the rhythmic stomper “The Armour Of God”, the album ends with “J For Jenny”. Here, too, the influence of Iron Maiden can clearly be heard. Outstanding vocals and great guitars make this song to my favourite on the album.

“Horror Paradise” is a more than convincing third album. Black Diamond clearly show their musical roots here. But not just as a pure copy of their role models. They succeed very well in creating their own sound.

Black Phantom – The Headsman:


Toni Cacciapaglia – Guitar
Ivan Carsenzuola – Drums
Manuel Malini – Vocals
Andrea Tito – Bass
Roberto Manfrinato – Guitar

Track list:

  • Sammy The Elf
  • Come Hike With Me
  • War Of Tanks
  • The Headsman
  • A Nightmare
  • I Got The Callback
  • Listen To The Voice
  • Beast On The Loose
  • The Armour Of God
  • J For Jenny
  • Album - 8/10
  • Cover-Art - 8/10
  • Songwriting - 9/10


Disturbingly Good


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