Wormholedeath Records
August 27,2021
Playing time: 50:41

There are a few bands with the name Boneyard. This is the Canadian hard rock / heavy metal band that was founded in 2015 by female singer, guitarist and songwriter Pamtera Cunningham. The individual band members were also previously on the road with other bands, e.g., Tyrant or Powerslave. Just to name a few. Started as a cover band, the musicians also began to write their own songs in 2017. In May 2019, they went to Wolf Den Studio in Edmonton to record their debut album. And then came Covid-19. And thus, a longer break. Against all odds, “Oathbreaker” is now finished and was released via the Italian label WormHoleDeath Records.

The album starts with the six-minute track “Fates Warning”, the first single release. Classic Hard Rock, as if it were the times of the NWoBHM. Front lady Pamtera’s voice fits this like a glove. Powerful, but slightly roaring and bluesy sounding. And it goes without saying that with three regular guitarists you can expect outstanding solos. On “Gone”, they roast right from the start, always underpinned by successful melody lines. With “Evil Ways” the Canadians then deliver flawless melodic rock. While “Smoke The Sky” borrows from the Classic Rock of Led Zeppelin. The title song “Oathbreaker” starts quietly with “ah ah oh oh” vocalises. Even later the song does not move out of the midtempo range. A great Stadium Rock Anthem. The sound then changes fundamentally with “Rat Race”. High-speed rock with a slight punk attitude. The singer also brings this authentically across. “Monster” lives up to its name. At the beginning you can hear it howl, the monster. And again, classic NWoBHM riffs resound. Guitar solos? Of course! The tempo is also kept high in “Born Again”. A neckbreaker for sure. Want some heavy rock? Then listen to “Hope”. The ballad-like start is a little deceptive. A little later, the guitars are pounding, and the drums are setting the pace. Thanks to the frequent melody and rhythm changes, the song is progressively arranged. “Tune Attack” is again fast paced, with a bit of a Southern Rock feel. “Catch Me If You Can” then provides the upbeat finale.

“Oathbreaker” is an album for fans of Classic Heavy Metal / Hard Rock. Pamtera’s voice is skilfully staged. This also means that vocals and instruments were equal in the mixing. The result is a balanced clear rock sound. It’s not only since yesterday that many very good Rock and Metal bands come from Canada. Boneyard have now joined them with their album debut.

Boneyard – Oathbreaker:


Pamtera Cunningham – Lead Vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Dennis Cooke – Bass, Rhythm Guitar
Jeff Cunningham – Drums, Percussion
Gary Ursulak – Lead Guitar

Track list:

  • Fates Warning
  • Gone
  • Evil Ways
  • Smoke The Sky
  • Oathbreaker
  • Rat Race
  • Monster
  • Born Again
  • Hope
  • Tune Attack
  • Catch Me If You Can
  • Album - 9/10
  • Cover-Art - 8/10
  • Songwriting - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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