“Cannabis Corpse” Left Hand Pass Cd review by Maria Fernanda Ostolaza

Smooth and very slow it takes its time to follow its command, very deep inside and it goes through you. Searching for what it most wants and takes it without even asking for it, just wants you to give it away but you don’t know if doing it or not. You know it’s wrong but something makes you feel it’s right. It seduces you; making you feel great but it is taking what it wants and you let it and before you even notice, it already has you in it’s possession. If you have ever had the sensation of flirting with darkness have experienced the darkness, it time to hear the darkness of “Left Hand Pass”.

It takes you to a place where you have never been to before , it is insanely extreme rotten and fast. You can feel the danger and the power of every song, you try to fight it but you simply cannot resist. The darkness is a risky taste that makes you feel incredible, the lyrics are different from any other lyrics that Cannabis Corpse has written before , they are astonishingly deep. They talk about several situations in each one of the tracks, they wanted us to think about the different meanings that every song has , they try to challenge your mind and you get really into them with ease and understand their full and true meanings.

At first listen the relentlessness and the ruthlessness in every single one of Hallhammer’s drumbeats. He added something to every song that made the whole record just as explosive as we expected. Not only did he make an impactful work but also did he let us know once again that he really is one of the most dank Death Metal drummers ever. Something that caught my attention were the crushing and cut throat riffs and solos that Ray Suhy slayed in this amazing masterpiece. He made every single tone fit perfectly on each one of the tunes and I think that he really put a big effort to show us that he is as amazing as he transmits. If I talk about insanity and madness I have to mention how crazy Landphil’s bass beats are, he not only played some really reckless bass solos but he killed it on the vocals as well. He definitely can’t stop impressing me and always includes that final touch that makes the record even more brutal and a lot darker than the previous ones.

After listening to this album and experiencing the power of the motherfucking Cannabis Corpse, I surely can’t wait to listen to a ton more songs from this album and band. This album has beyond exceeded my expectations in ways that words can’t even describe even in the darkness…….8/10.


 Maria Fernanda Ostolaza / MHF Magazine

Owner of METALHEADS FOREVER and Co-Owner/Writer for Metalheads Forever Magazine/Media Corp.


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