“Cannibal Corpse” Red Before Black by Maria Fernanda Ostolaza

I have always thought that there is not something as hard as waiting for a brand new single or announcement or release of new material that any of our favorite bands are about to unleash. We as music fans are constantly in the desperate need to listen to new music and personally when one of my favorite bands announce that they are soon to release a new record I feel that the sense of euphoria.

I’ll never forget the day when I found out that Cannibal Corpse unleashed the very first single off their brand new masterpiece “Red Before Black” and as it was the very first piece of news on my social media that day. I was so insanely excited and anxious to listen to the song that I couldn’t help tapping to the screen of my mobile device. At first I didn’t know what to expect but as it was a Cannibal Corpse track I knew that I was going to be listening to a real Death Metal masterpiece.

As the time kept passing , my need to listen to the rest of the album increased and  when the day finally arrived, I was more than sure that the songs that I was going to be listening were different from any other songs that I have ever listened to before. I was right, it was even more than impressive, the sound is hunting , chaotic , swinging , it catches every single one of your senses and you simply cannot leave it. Simply impossible to stop listening to this Gem. The dark and violent vibe that Cannibal Corpse has always been known for stays along the whole record. The Album starts with a pretty groovy sound and then they massively explode like a giant nuclear bomb. It is really insane and every single one of the members included something to the album that made it simply the best Death Metal album of this year. The crushing and super aggressive riffs and solos that both Pat O’Brien and Rob Barrett played on this new album made me realize that Cannibal Corpse is still the best Death Metal band of all times. The very intense and hypnotizing drum beats that Paul Mazurkiewicz has simply doesn’t  have any comparison, they are just mental and I still have no idea of how he does it but Alex Webster has the most dead insane skills for making the craziest and most powerful bass riffs ever. There is something that I will never really get to understand and something that has me thinking is how Corpsegrinder can make even the most simple word sound as wild and as mad as a room of starving wolves.

I’m really impressed about how awesome this album has turned out to be.Cannibal Corpse are still the real Kings Of Death Metal , they couldn’t have done it better, I’m still God smacked and absolutely blown away.

Rating : 8/10

Maria Fernanda Ostolaza/MHF Magazine


Disturbingly Good


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