“Cnoc an Tursa – The Forty Five” CD-Review by Geir Olaisen

This band is unknown to many, Cnoch an Tursa was formed in 2006. Their music is folk/black metal, a mix of great folkmusic and Catchy riffs. The text is about scottish heritage, struggles, and celtic poetry. I discovered them by curosity and checked out their previous release Giants of Auld in 2013.

Which was a awesome debut album, just a few weeks ago they released their second album. The Forty Five which is also full with great celtic folk music and catchy riffs. The album is melodic and beautyful but at same time poweful. 2 of the members have been in Saor, and music reminds alot of Saor. I  think maybe the debut album was a litle stronger. But for all means this is a quality album, that is recommendable to both fans of black  and folk metal. An excellent release. My favorite track is The yellow locks of Charlie. (8 / 10)

The Forty Five Tracklist

1. Will Ye No Come Back Again 01:46

2. The Yellow Locks of Charlie 08:11

3. The Standard on the Braes o’Mar 04:27

4. Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie 06:59

5. Flora MacDonald 02:09 instrumental

6. Sound the Pibroch 06:50

7. Fuigheall 08:56

8. The Last of the Stuarts 07:33

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