“DECAPITATED” ANTICULT CD-Review by Maria Fernanda Ostolaza

It is said that when we innovate our knowledge increases. I think that when we live and see or listen to new things our senses and mental abilities are amplified even improved in many ways. I wanted to listen to something new, fresh, exciting. Something different from everything I’ve listened to on a day to day basis. Find something that could bend my senses as well challenge my mind. Sometimes you get what you wish for in spades. That is the case when I discovered the new Decapitated album “Anticult”.

From start to end this album is impulsive, Impressive and it’s powerful,  extreme and lightning fast. It’s one of those albums that gets stuck in your head and runs through your veins, you just can’t seem to forget it or let it go. The lyrics are mesmerizing yet amazingly deep and intellectually stimulating and profound. It’s difficult to understand there meaning and overall theme at first listen. What really left me thinking was the variation of sounds on every song , each one is constantly changing tones and rhythms and it’s so unpredictable in every sense.

What is very easy to notice are the guitars, even though “Vogg” Kieltyka is continuously changing the tonality of the songs, he adds something that makes every track even more catchy. It may be a little hard to recognize the bass on a Death Metal record but Hubert Więcek’s bass is so extreme that you can immediately notice it when the intro of every song begins. What really stoked me when I listened to the fourth track “One Eyed Nation” was the power and the fury on Michal Łysejko’s drum beats, they are just out of this world. If there is something that I admire the most about this album are the vocals , “Rasta” Piotrowski is a vocalist that doesn’t only sing a song but he lives in every moment of every track he sings and he wants us to live the songs with him.

Each piece of the band has added something that made the album something different and something that we would all want to listen to over and over again and again. It is a total Death jewel , I would undoubtedly and wholeheartedly recommend this album and I’m longing to listen to more material from this band. 8/10

Maria Fernanda Ostolaza / MHF Magazine

Owner of METALHEADS FOREVER and Co-Owner/Writer for Metalheads Forever Magazine/Media Corp.


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