sddIf you don’t know them already Destrage is a metalcore band coming from Italy. This band, unlike many metalcore bands nowadays, doesn’t introduce mediocre or traditional metalcore albums.

You can see that from the effort they exert and the quality of music they introduce as a metalcore band.

After three successful albums the band returns with another solid album called A Means to No End. The album contains 13 tracks and as mentioned before not a regular metalcore album.

On the contrary, the band tended to change its style to add more melodic death influences to this album. It differs slightly from the other releases but still as solid as them. The most prominent merit of this album is definitely the catchy outstanding riffs. That made each track interesting and it’s like it gives you the feel after you finish each track that you want to know how does the next track sound like.

The album is consistent, well-sorted and musically it’s rich with many goodies. Add to this the exotic yet awesome vocals by Paolo Colavolpe that give the band a distinct style. The tracks from one to ten are almost the same level. Great vocals, outstanding riffs, pretty good drum beats and catchy songs in general. You just go through them (each track is 4 minutes average) and you don’t feet time as you enjoy each single track. No exaggeration here as each track is catchy in its own way. Tracks number eleven and twelve “Blah Blah” and “A Promise, A Debt” are the only two average tracks that I didn’t really mind their existence in such a great album. The last track “Abandon to Random” is another great track that ended the album beautifully and perfectly.

I have always been a fan of Destrage even before this album, I used to love their vocals more than their instruments plays, but this album made me change my mind and it’s certainly their strongest album musically. If you enjoy it after giving it a try then you definitely should check out their older releases too. Pretty good energetic band with a bright future.

I give the album an overall rating of 8/10.

Nabil Hossam / Metalheads Forever Magazine

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