Diamond Dogs
About The Hardest Nut To Crack
Label: Wild Kingdom Records
Out: September 29th, 2023
Playing time: 38:08

They hail from the Swedish town of Katrineholm in the province of Södermanlands län – Diamond Dogs, who have dedicated themselves to 70s Rock. The band was founded in 1991 by Sulo, Boba Fett and The Duke of Honk. Boba Fett is no longer with the band. Apart from that, the line-up has also changed a lot. The list of former members is long. The debut album “Honked” was released in 1994. After a six-year break, new albums and EPs were released pretty much every one to three years from 2000 onwards. The new album “About The Hardest Nut To Crack” will be released in September. The twelve songs were recorded within eight days in the spring of 2023. That’s quite an announcement.

“Get A Rock’N’Roll Record” is good old Rock’n’Roll – easy-going and upbeat. The old school guitar solo also sounds like this. “Blight The Life” then has a strong Country and Western touch. While “Wring It Out” hits the Rhythm’n’Blues notch, as does “Gurus & Gangsters”. “Only A Whim” could almost be called a country ballad. “Desiree, Yet Another Lonely Mile” is guitar heavy Rock’n’Roll again. There is always a piano to be heard here. And so it goes on with “Keep Drippin Down”. “Old Timer” is more Country/Western again. Followed by the bluesy “Heart’s Gone Wrong” and the rather rocky “Blowout Game”. The title of “Rising From The Ruins (Of Roc’N’Roll)” is also a concept, classic Rock’n’Roll with lots of guitar and piano.

On “About The Hardest Nut To Crack”, fun clearly dominates. The fun of the Rock’n’Roll sound. The songs that Diamond Dogs present to us here sound authentic, as if they were not from today. An impressive musical journey back in time.


Sulo – Lead Vocals
The Duke of Honk – Keys, Backing Vocals
Lars Karlsson – Guitar
Federico de Costa – Drums, Backing Vocals
Jan Leonard Borgh – Bass, Backing Vocals

Track list:

  • Get A Rock’N’Roll Record
  • Blight The Life
  • Wring It Out
  • Gurus & Gangsters
  • Down On The Debris Field
  • Only A Whim
  • Desiree, Yet Another Lonely Mile
  • Keep Drippin’ Down
  • Old Timer
  • Hearts Gone Wrong
  • Blowout Game
  • Rising From The Ruins (Of Rock’N’Roll)

Overall Rating : 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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