The Gorgeous Spectacle 

By Michael Aronovitz
Author of The Winslow Sisters

Dogma are a female melodic metal quartet, a brilliant, orgasmic explosion of scary, sexy, porno nuns with eerie whiteface makeup, black lipstick, and artsy eyeshadow. The white scarf-collars give this a Terrifier vibe, making them more visually dynamic than Kiss ever was, and more frightening than Slipknot. Musically, the songs are cleverly written, addictive, and gargantuan in the way the riffs are so badass and the vocal hooks have such theatrical appeal. Dogma are Lilith on vocals, Lamia on guitar, Nixe on bass, Abrahel on drums, and your virgin listen will fulfill you like a dark and rich sacred promise. Watch their videos, and the girls will pen a poem on your heart, rewriting for you the language of lust.

Plainly, this self-titled debut is stellar, and this band will be playing arenas soon. In terms of the top tracks, “Father I Have Sinned” is catchy and dark, like chocolate strawberries in the back seat of a limo as she hikes up her dress for you. “Made Her Mine” starts with the women in the band doing broken doll horror-poses in the woods with a chorus that is epic and beautiful. “My First Peak” begins with the evil music box trope, a nun stripping, and the sexiest guitar riff in the universe. Moreover, “Forbidden Zone” has so attractive a chorus, you might get fired for singing it at work. Dogma have arrived, but don’t thank God. Thank the band with everything you’ve got. 


Disturbingly Good


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