Dreams in Peril: Live Review

By Monica Redwine

Not many of you know this about me, but I live near Tupelo, MS, the birthplace of Elvis Presely, aka The King of Rock N Roll. On June 8th I ventured out to Merriam, KS, over 9 hours away, to Aftershock, a great venue I might add, to see Dreams in Peril play with Fear My Name, Convictions, White Noise, Upon a Burning Body, and Volumes (as an added bonus I got to meet Jesse, the vocalist for Burn the Gates as well! I was stoked, lol). The entire show was great from start to finish- each band was completely amazing! But for this particular night my main focus was Dreams in Peril.

Having already done an interview with Dalton Collins, their bassist, I was invited to come out and see the show and write a review on them—I am very glad I made the trip! Due to some unforeseen circumstances I ended up missing the first 2 songs of their set, but I arrived just in time to hear them do most of “Seldom Solace” (which you can find at reverbantion.com/dreamsinperil). They followed that up with “Make Your Martyr”, “Neckties and Nostalgia”, and finished the set with “Makeshift Motives”.  Let me just tell you, these guys truly fucking brought it! Their vocalist, Demetri, was awesome—I enjoyed watching him interact with and wade through the crowd inciting their participation and excitement. Dalton- bassist, Joshua- guitarist, and Jeff-drummer didn’t leave anything to be desired either. Their talent is incredible, their sound is raw and intense, and their enthusiasm and passion for their music is evident when you see them live. I had heard two of their songs on ReverbNation.com, but as we all know, there’s nothing like a live show to let you know what the band is really like, and I am completely sold on these guys! I have no doubt that they are going to be doing great things in the very near future!

I have kept in contact with Dalton since the show, and he would like everyone to know that they are going to be doing bigger and better shows. They are already lined up for the Summer Slaughter tour and the Topeka Death Fest over the summer, and they are currently working on their first album, Mephobia. They are also working on their first music video and need your support! You can help them out here:


And another awesome thing they have going on is a brand-new YouTube page that needs support as well! Just search up Dreams in Peril and watch, like and subscribe!

I have also been able to talk to the rest of the band and they have some things they’d like to share with their fans as well. Demetri, their vocalist, had the following to say:

Believe in yourself, you are your own redeemer, kinda the entire concept behind our album Mephobia. Overcoming your fear to be your best. I’ve struggled with addiction and health issues like epilepsy and the guys in my band are all greatly supportive, striving toward one common goal… believing we can be our best.

After speaking with Jeff, their drummer, I realized that during my last article about these guys that I made an error in regards to his occupation: he is currently a production welder/operator building complete frames for the Chevy Malibu and Ford F-150 as well as a musician*. He had the following to say to the fans:

We are working to improve our live performances. I do appreciate all the support from our fans. I really didn’t expect as much attention as we’re getting but I’m not complaining. It all starts with just doing what you love and having fun with it. I want to play music the rest of my life so while it’s a fun hobby/lifestyle, we also try to take the business side very seriously so we don’t loose that momentum it takes to continue doing what we love.

Joshua, their guitarist, shared these thoughts with me:

I guess what I want to say personally about myself is music is my passion, and I do everything and sacrifice a lot to make music happen because is what I ultimately want to do as my career. Now as being in this band, it has definitely given me the freedom to express myself musically in ways I couldn’t do before, and I am really happy with the band that I am. Yeah, like, if it wasn’t for music I wouldn’t be alive honestly.

I never thought of myself as a person that wants to work a 9-5:00 whatever job doing the same damn thing every fucking day and you know, saying, “Hey, I wanna do this.” Like yes, I’m a bus driver right now but that’s one of the sacrifices I make to make sure that music happens so I can not have to work bus driving or be in a corporate job like you have to work this and overtime for that. Like, I want to do something that I enjoy and what I want to do, not what somebody else wants to do and have me do while they do all this and do all that and they have all their free time. I want to live my life as well and I want to live my life to the fullest because I only have one and I don’t plan to waste it.

And I guess one more thing to add on to that, like, a lot of people say “Well, music is just a hobby” or “You have to strike it lucky to get big”. Like, no, that’s not the case. Yes, some people might make music as a hobby but it’s not my fucking hobby, it’s literally my job. Second of all, you have to work hard to get where you want to be, you can’t just “strike it big”, you actually have to put in work. There’s a lot if misconceptions that people take all the time and if I was not serious about music, I wouldn’t be doing my side business where I repair guitar amplifiers and wanting people to sound better, and you know, helping the music community make sure that everything is up and going, especially when it comes to gear stuff.

He went on to tell me that he was self-taught, no lessons on guitar. He said he was meant to make the world a better place, and he thinks what makes the world a better place is music. I completely agree with him- music has the power to unite, the soothe, to excite, to evoke emotions on so many levels. Joshua, just like the rest of these young men, are clearly very passionate about their band and their music.

All I can tell you in regards to Dreams in Peril and their upcoming album, Mephoria, is that you MUST check them out! Buy the album when it drops, go to their shows, and definitely check out their YouTube videos and ReverbNation profile. I’m sure you’ll love them!







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