Enslaved was formed by Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson in Haugesund in June 1991,
in the start they was a
 a viking,nature and nordic mythology themed black metal band,
as years have gone
by they have become more and more progressive.
As band they have stood the test of time brilliantly and always evolved.

E is the bands 14th studio album, the E in the titel stands for the eol viking rune
means horse in the runelanguage, Odins Horse Sleipnir.
E continues the great 2015 release In times with good
progressive black metal.
This album have alot of variety and can appeal to fans of all kinds of metal.

This is probably one of my favorite release so far this year, this is a real solid realease.
Enslaved is band of great musicians who is not afraid to experiment and go in new directions
and usually be succesful in mostly everything they do, except i like the original of the bonustrack
“What else is there?”. This is such a strong album it is hard to pick out a favorite track,
but the second track on the album”The Rivers mouth”  is the track i have listend most too.
Check out this album, it might be something for you.



1.Storm Son
2.The Rivers Mouth
3.Sacred Horse
4.Acis Of The Worlds
5.Feathers Of Eolh
8.What Else Is There(Bonustrack)





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