Europe – Walk The Earth

Album Review by Adam McCann


Band : Europe

Album : Walk The Earth

Hell And Back Recordings 2017

Unlike the endless rock compilations containing ‘The Final Countdown’ would have you believe. Gone are the big 80’s pomp sounding keyboards and pop driven melodies, replaced by a 70’s hard rock driven sound by band who have been through ups and downs, matured and come out of the other side laughing. Europe’s career is in a purple patch. As a band, Europe have released a string of exceptional albums and their latest offering ‘Walk the Earth’ is no different.


‘Walk the Earth’ shows what the band is truly capable of, Joey Tempest’s voice is almost whiskey soaked as he delivers his lyrics in the soulful, blues style that has become his calling card over the last 10 years, seen particularly during ‘The Siege’, ‘Election Day’ and the mournful ‘Turn to Dust’. But ‘Walk the Earth’ isn’t all about Joey Tempest, Europe’s stalwart guitarist John Norum smashes his six strings in an almost broodish homage to Ritchie Blackmore with some outlandish playing on ‘The Siege’ and the sublime ‘GTO’.

Each song on Europe’s latest album has been meticulously crafted with Tempest working tirelessly alongside producer Dave Cobb in arrangement with their hard work paying dividends. Once more, Europe are able to walk with their heads held high, just like the champions they are.


Rating : 86/100




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