Falconer – From a Dying Ember


‘From a Dying Ember’

Metal Blade Records

Folk/Power Metal

FFO: Wuthering Heights/Orden Ogan/Dark Forest/Winterstorm

In their 20-year career, Falconer have created some of heavy metals most overlooked and underappreciated albums. The Swedes have effortlessly spliced folk metal with the adventurous galloping of power metal to create a relatively unique sound. Sadly, upon the release of their latest album ‘From a Dying Ember’, Falconer announced that they would be calling it day.

                There are two ways to look at this; one with sadness that Falconer will no longer be releasing top drawer quality metal and one of celebration and joy. The reason for this is that the Swedes will be going out on a high as once again they have delivered a fantastic album that delves deep into the heart of what Falconer are all about. The listener will get fluttering rhythm and memorable melodies as tracks such as ‘Redeem and Repent’ and ‘In Regal Attire’ flow back and forth like a merry dance. However, these are not the only highlights to be found here, vocalist Mathias Blad delivers a performance worthy of the Proms during ‘Rejoice the Adorned’, a song powerful enough to become a hymn in a cathedral reverberating with praise whilst ‘Thrust the Dagger Deep’ contains the best Hammond organ solo that you will hear this side of Deep Purple or Uriah Heep as Falconer extend a razor sharp talon directly into 1972 and tear out a piece of retro sound.

                ‘…Dying Ember’ is a fantastic way to bow out and wrap up a career which is has been nothing short of spectacular. So, grab a glass and raise a toast to an excellent album and a fantastic way to say goodbye. Here’s to Falconer and here’s to ‘From a Dying Ember’.

Adam McCann


  • 8/10
    Album - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Art - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Production - 9/10