Fear The Fate
Fight The Fear
Out: December 31st, 2023
Playing time: 16:22

There are already many duos in Heavy Metal. And here comes the next one – Fear the Fate. From the Swedish capital Stockholm. Founded in 2023, the debut EP “Fight The Fear” was released at the end of December. The songs were initially recorded by guitarist Ivan Castro. The vocals and other guitars as well as the bass were later recorded at Sunlight Studio. And mixed there by Tomas Skogsberg. The mastering was done at Dark Pro Studio in Stockholm.

“Fight The Fear” clearly shows where things are heading here: hard-hitting, no-frills Heavy Metal in the mid-tempo range. And Belinda Blomqvist is a Rock belter before the Lord. “My Time” bangs a little more. The riffs are heavier, as is the melodic line of the distorted guitar. However, only little changes in tempo. There is a slightly doomy orientation. The Doom flavour continues with “Behind The Mask”. There is another good guitar solo here too. Things get a little faster on “Pointing At Me”. And Belinda’s vocals go a little deeper. Once again, the riffs of the lower-tuned guitar groove.

In contrast to various other Metal duos, groovy Metal dominates here. No excursions into the symphonic realm, no operatic vocals. Belinda Blomqvist is a more than convincing Metal shouter and Ivan Castro at least uses the guitars skilfully. These are probably his comfortable zone. But the drumming also sounds more convincing than that of many other multi-instrumentalists. An debut that whets the appetite for more.

Ivan Castro – Guitar, all other instruments
Belinda Blomqvist – Vocals

Track list:

  • Fight The Fear
  • My Time
  • Behind The Mask
  • Pointing At Me
  • Overall Rating - 8.5/10


Disturbingly Good


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