Fortune Child
Close To The Sun
Released On March 1, 2022

When Rock’N’Roll Started Fading From The Musical Scene, There Arises “Fortune Child”

Fortune Child is a newly formed band in Jacksonville, FL. The band comprises of Christian Powers on Vocals, Buddy Crump on Lead Guitars, Melanie Jo on Drums and Jon Ward on Bass.

What Fortune Child offers is nothing but pure 70’s Rock, If you are someone who loves the classic awesomeness of Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd and a bit of Mr. Big, you got everything from Fortune Child, They just give the magical awesomeness of the dying days by bringing the brighter days with their debut LP “Close To The Sun”.

When we are tired of the same kind of modern day bands with typically following the same trend, We need the uncorupted golden days of the 70s back, just pure music and vocals. Fortune Child delivers that in the best form.

The 8 tracked LP is just enjoyable and get into the flow of music. I do not want to talk separately on each tracks, because this is an LP that has to be enjoyed completely as there is not even one track that did not disappointed me at all.

Christian Power’s Vocals is just amazing, he just bring the vibes of 70’s 80’s back in the raw form. Buddy Crump, work on lead was exceptionally amazing, and Melanie and Jon has done amazing and as a band this is pure awesomeness.

If you love Classic Rock and feel its time to go back to the roots, this is your opportunity Grab the LP and enjoy this musical extravaganza.

The Band

Christian Powers – Lead Vocals
Buddy Crump – Guitar
Melanie Jo – Drums
Jon Ward – Bass


  1. The Way
  2. Don’t Shoot Me
  3. Far
  4. Slow Down
  5. Tie The Line
  6. Feet Down Low
  7. Close To The Sun
  8. Conscious
  • Album - 10/10
  • Songwriting - 9/10
  • Musical Progression - 9/10


Disturbingly Good


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