Label: Self-release
Out: September 02nd, 2022
Playing time: 51:43

Gallia were formed in 2014. Singer Elyn Vandenwyngaert joined the band one year later. But it took another four years until the first EP “Everflame” was released. Shortly afterwards I interviewed the band. Now, three years later, the debut album “Obscura” is ready. The band produced twelve new songs for it. I already liked the EP very much, so I was curious about the band’s further development. However, the band has shrunk to a quartet in the meantime. And the vacant position of the drummer had to be filled last year.

The intro “Aperture” starts with a ticking sound, later strings and voices in the background. From my point of view, it is quite dispensable. But then comes “Return Of Time”. And that’s a bombastic Symphonic Metal banger. Sounds like a film soundtrack. Has something of early Nightwish. However, singer Elyn Vandenwyngaert manages without opera vocals. “Blackout Queen” is a bit harder, despite the always present orchestration. Piano sounds, strings and epic choruses dominate “Mirage”. The song is quieter than the two predecessors, a Power Ballad for long parts. At the beginning of “Reflection” I don’t really know what the ticking and the music box are supposed to mean. Later, however, the song develops positively into a stomping mid-tempo rocker. Elyn’s singing sounds discordant in parts. The hymn “Path Of The Nomad” is of a completely different calibre. Very melodic with bass-heavy orchestration. The (almost) instrumental interlude “Free Me” has a slight folk touch. A little seafaring romance can be heard in “Spirit Of The Sea”. A lot of cinematic bombast, epic choirs but also hard riffs can be heard in “Chaos”, which is set in the mid-tempo range. In “Euphoria” many medieval elements were incorporated. “Tears Of Gold” is the longest song on the album. After a quiet start, the Belgians rock out. Tempo, melody and rhythm changes provide a progressive touch. The album ends with the beautiful ballad “New World”, which is dominated by piano.

We grew into the genre, mainly because it is a common interest among the band members.

That’s what the band told me in the 2019 interview when asked why they chose Symphonic Metal. This growing into it has continued on “Obscura”. Yes, Gallia still play Symphonic Metal of the heavier variety. But they have increased the amount of bombast and epic. And they have also opened up to other musical influences. The album is more varied than the EP. The compositions and arrangements sound mature. Gallia are on a good path.

Gallia – Euphoria:


Laurens Vandebroek – Bass
Yannick Maris – Lead Guitars
Elyn Vandenwyngaert – Vocals
Ties Jehoul – Drums

Track list:

  • Aperture
  • Return of Time
  • Blackout Queen
  • Mirage
  • Reflection
  • Path of the Nomad
  • Free Me
  • Spirit of the Sea
  • Chaos
  • Euphoria
  • Tears of Gold
  • New World
  • Album - 8/10
  • Cover-Art - 8/10
  • Songwriting - 9/10


Disturbingly Good


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