Garhelenth—About Pessimistic Elements and Rebirth of Tragedy

Album review by Monica Redwine

This is my first encounter with the band Garhelenth and I must say I was impressed to find they are a 2-member black metal band from Armenia. The band consists of Hilnorgoth, the vocalist, lyricist and guitarist, and Sagroth who does back-up vocals and plays guitar as well. I am unsure who contributed their drumming skills to the album.

About Pessimistic Elements and Rebirth of Tragedy is their second full-length album and was released on December 14, 2017. It opens strongly with the instrumental “Pessimistically (Abolish the Idols)” which includes a bit of evil laughter at the end, and transitions smoothly into “Destruction of the Will”. Strong guitars and powerful lyrics guide you into the next song, “Foolish Conscience”. This song opens with the sound of a chainsaw and the intensity transfers to both guitars and vocals and lasts the entire song. Next up are “Self-Humiliation” which starts off fast-paced and then slows about halfway through, and “To Impersonal Mankind” which stays with the slower pace. It should be said that the slowed down pace of the music in no way lessens the intensity of the vocals- you can hear Hilnorgoth’s passion throughout the entire album. “Moral to Pessimist” is next and it is probably my favorite from the album. The speed picks back up on this one and the vocals are just kick ass on this one. I also really enjoyed the lyrics on this one. Lastly, we have “Perspective of the Exorbitant” which finishes the album off strong.

By the way, if you’re like me and sometimes you need a little help understanding the lyrics, you can find the lyrics to the entire album, courtesy of the band, at the following link:
I really appreciated that they posted the lyrics to the album all in one place. Not only does it help me understand what their saying, but it allows the listener to really grasp the overall message of the artist.

If you are a fan of black metal and have never heard these guys I definitely suggest you give them a try!

Track Listing:

  1. Pessimistically (Abolish the Idol)
  2. Destruction of the Will
  3. Foolish Conscience
  4. Self-Humiliation
  5. To Impersonal Mankind
  6. Moral to Pessimist
  7. Perspective of the Exorbitant


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