Ewigkeit (The Last Salute)
Massacre Records
December 18, 2020

It hurts. When a band announces that they want to stop making music. This is what happened with the Munich “family company” Hammerschmitt. The band was founded in 1997 and at the beginning indulged in the “New German Hardship”. With it, the musicians sailed in the Rammstein fairway. Later they turned to Hard Rock / Heavy Metal and got me with their albums “Still On Fire” and “Dr. Evil”. I also enjoyed the live performance as support for Serious Black (2016). But in May of this year, the musicians announced the end. Finally, they rearranged and produced the band classic “Ewigkeit” (album “Mein Herz”, 2005) and thus say goodbye to their loyal fans.

The ringing of bells introduces the swan song to more than thirty years of band history. Plus 10 years of Pierrot, as the band called itself before. You can hear an outstanding Power Metal ballad. This is one of the best I’ve heard so far. The original German-language text has been pimped up with English lyrics. Only the refrain is in German. And the ringing of bells ends the swan song.

Even if I repeat myself, it hurts. A piece of German Metal history comes to an end. But hope dies last. I can only quote one film title here

Never Say Never Again

Maybe the musicians will dare a new beginning. Maybe with a different band name. The music scene needs such splashes of color, such honest, handmade heavy metal!

Hammerschmitt – Ewigkeit (The Last Salute) (Official Video): https://youtu.be/BNNuULAVju8


Benjamin Kroiß – Lead Vocals
Gernot Kroiß – Backing Vocals & Guitars
Andreas Summer – Backing Vocals
Armin Zelzer – Backing Vocals
Stefan Kroiß – Backing Vocals
Jan Vacik – Keyboards


  • Ewigkeit (The Last Salute)


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