“Harakiri For The Sky” – III: Trauma CD REVIEW Trauma by Nabil Hossam

Harakiri for the Sky is a post/black metal band that comes from Austria. The band formed in 2011 and it consists of only two members: Michael V. Wahntraum who is the vocalist and Matthias Sollak who plays all the instruments. They have released two albums so far on 2012 (Harakiri for the Sky) and 2014 (Aokigahara). III: Trauma is their third album which was released on 2016 and by far it is the most consistent album. Their previous releases were great but it’s like the band’s members are gaining experience by time.

You can expect the gloomy/depressive atmosphere of their tracks from their name, Harakiri for the Sky. Although their music is depressive it gives you that feel of musical satisfaction whenever you listen to it. The tracks of their albums are strong musically which makes them enjoyable not just sad music. The band’s members used all their talents to reflect that gloomy atmosphere they wanted to introduce, which resulted in a piece of art. So let’s talk about their third album; III: Trauma.

The album consists of 8 songs and the album is consistent in a way that the eight tracks are at the same level. You can notice a remarkable characteristic that differentiates each song from the other but either way you will enjoy the whole album from A to Z.

The album has this slow tempo, gloomy/doom-ish atmosphere with great melodies and depressive harsh vocals. It starts with “Calling the Rain”, one of the strongest tracks and the first track they
released prior to the album’s release. It is great vocally and musically with many catchy riffs and melodies.

The second track is “Funeral Dreams” and it has a little bit faster start, the prominent thing you notice about this track is the catchy/repeated riffs all over the song. It is definitely one of the strongest tracks along with “Calling the Rain”.

“Thanatos” is the third track and it is the only track that contained clean vocals which were performed as good as the harsh ones. The intro of this song is mellow before the fast beat drums show up. The second one-third part of the song is when the clean vocals are performed. As a whole, this is a perfect combination of harsh and clean vocals and of the best Harakiri for the Sky tracks in general. I give this track 10/10.

Track number four is “This Life as a Dagger” and it is a bit similar to “Calling the Rain” in its formation and tempo. The atmospheric influences of this song are the strengths of it. It is a breathtaking track that brings more feels than any other track of the album. “The Traces We Leave” is the fifth track and it is at the same level as “Calling the Rain” and “This Life as a Dagger”. The melodies are catchier and the drum beats are faster at some points. The sixth track is “Viaticum” and it contains the most of the black metal influences. Generally, it is a melodic black metal track that doesn’t cease to impress you with the beautiful melodies and the strong harsh vocals. The last two tracks are “Dry the River” and “Bury Me”; “Dry the River” has got a doom-ish mellow start that is mixed with slow tempo riffs for the first 02:30 minutes if the 10 minutes-song. Probably the saddest song among them yet one of the most enjoyable. I believe that listening to a musical track that is a piece of art will make you happy regardless to the song’s atmosphere. It might bring back memories or remind you of some bad days (that we all have) but the great construction of the track and musical strengths will make you feel happy and satisfied, that’s what happens when you listen to Harakiri for the Sky and especially their third album III: Trauma.

“Bury Me” is the last track that completes this masterpiece, a very good atmospheric/melodic black metal track that comes as a great follow up to the previous tracks.
The whole album is enjoyable from the beginning to the end of it, definitely worth checking out and I give it an overall rating of 9/10.

Highlights: “Calling the Rain”, “Funeral Dreams”, “Thanatos” and “Dry the River”.

Nabil Hossam/MHF Magazine

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