Iron Savior
AFM Records
December 4, 2020

Hamburg is a metal stronghold, just think of Helloween, Gamma Ray and others. Iron Savior also come from Hamburg. Studio albums have been released at regular intervals since 1996. After the outstanding “Kill Or Get Killed”, the successor is now in the starting blocks with “Skycrest”. But the production was not a lucky star, illness and the corona pandemic repeatedly delayed the recordings. But despite all of this, the band didn’t focus on the negative events. No, all of this only welded the band together even more.

The intro “The Guardian” leads to the title track “Skycrest”. No symphonic playfulness, no sound experiments, but race for improvement by the string group. So exactly the right sound to start with. The title song is then typical Power Metal of German character. But the title track doesn’t always have to be the best on the album. The guitar work can already convince even more with the successor “Our Time Has Come”. Plus, a refrain to sing along with, with a brilliant chorus. These are also very important to the    inhabitants of Hamburgers, as you can see with “Hellbreaker” or with the hard rocker “Souleater”. And always without excessive epic bombast. With “Welcome To The New World” you can hear some electronic gadgets. These are subtle, but Iron Savior should still do without them. And the chorus line “Welcome to the nightmare” is a clear announcement which new world is meant. With “There Can Be Only One” and “Silver Bullet” you can hear one or the other filigree guitar solo. Both songs are also played at high speed. With “Raise The Flag” the musicians poach again in hard rock realms. One of the highlights is the Airplay-compatible “End Of The Rainbow”. In the style of the 80s stadium anthems. You just have to enjoy the chorus. Shortly before the end, Iron Savior delight their fans with the soulful ballad “Ease Your Pain”. Lighters on! The bouncer “Ode To The Brave” is then again an official neck breaker. Very suitable to let your more or less existing head hair circle.

“Scycrest” is a more than worthy follow-up to “Kill Or Get Killed”. Have the Hamburgers ever released a bad album? I don’t think so. Shortly before the end of the chaos year 2020, this album is once again a real bright spot. Despite or because of Corona? Whatever. With this album, Iron Savior should be able to secure a top position in German and international Heavy Metal. It’s time to heave the band into the Metal Olympus.

Iron Savior – Our Time Has Come (Official Audio Video):


Piet Sielck – Vocals, Guitars
Joachim “Piesel” Küstner – Guitars
Jan S. Eckert – Bass
Patrick Klose – Drums

Track list:

  • The Guardian
  • Skycrest
  • Our Time Has Come
  • Hellbreaker
  • Souleater
  • Welcome To The New World
  • There Can Be Only One
  • Silver Bullet
  • Raise The Flag
  • End Of The Rainbow
  • Ease Your Pain
  • Ode To The Brave
  • Album - 10/10
  • Cover Art - 8/10
  • Songwriting - 9/10


Disturbingly Good


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