Meka Nism – The War Inside (EP)

Review by Rainer Kerber

I had never heard of the US band Meka Nism. A few weeks ago, I’ve received promo material from the current EP “The War Inside”. The band from Orlando (Florida) was founded in 2006 as “Meka Nism and Her Rusty Tears”. They toured, among other. with bands like Avatar and Otep and appeared at some festivals, e.g. at the Breeding Festival in Flensburg (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany). So far, the band has released two EP’s and a live CD. In May EP number three was published under the name “The War Inside”.

Ten seconds piano intro, then roar brute elemental forces from the speakers at the theme song “The War Inside”. Singer and namesake shouts the soul out of her body, before she switches to the clear vocals. And this change from growls to clear vocals and back continues throughout the complete EP. In doing so, she manages to drown out the powerful instrumental accompaniment. Pounding drums, filigree guitar lines and a pushing bass are further trademarks of the band. The keyboards remain mostly song useful in the background. For just under fifteen minutes, there is pure Heavy Metal in your face. Before the EP ends with two quieter songs. While “Arrows of Alchemy ” is a terrific mid-tempo anthem, the musicians are presenting a largely emotional piano ballad with “Black Sky “. Here singer Meka can show the full range of her vocal abilities. From about the middle of the song, the rhythm section is playing powerfully.

After listening to “The War Inside” several times, I wonder why I did not have this band on my radar before. Meka Nism plays heavy metal / hard rock at a very high level. For me it’s been THE newcomer of the year.

Meka Nism – The War Inside:


Ms. Meka Kyoto – Vocal Artist & Shaman
Bobby Keller – Lead Guitar
Chris Lane – Drums
Jay Adkisson – Keyboards
Jarret Robinson – Bass

Label: Self distributed

Out: May 10th, 2018

Duration: 22:20

Track list:

  • The War Inside
  • These Years of Silent Screams
  • Trailblazer
  • Arrows of Alchemy
  • Black Sky

Rating : 8/10

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