Have you ever felt that something is so impressing that the word mindblowing isn’t enough to describe it? That it’s just so intense and cool that it hurts? Well , I can say that “awesome” doesn’t even describe “Slime And Punishment”

I remember when Municipal Waste announced the release of their new album and I was so thrilled to listen to it. I was expecting the album to be incredible but from the moment I played the first song “Breathe Grease” my head damn near exploded. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It totally and without a doubt exceeded my expectations and then some.

I could feel the speed the raw power and the energy in every fibre of my body and every single sound flowing through my veins. It was fast and aggressive, raw and very intense yet very unpredictable, I didn’t know what to expect with each passing track. It was impossible not to stand up and scream from the top of my lungs and headbang at neck breaking speeds. It’s one of those rare albums that are simply perfect from top to bottom.

The insanity of both shredheads Ryan Waste and Nick Poulos left me wanting even more. The first thing that I noticed was when I listened to the first song there were those colliding drumbeats and Dave Witte definitely gave that lasting touch to each song that made the album even better and that blew my mind. What really put this album over the top for me was the speed and the madness on LandPhil’s bass. He always does that extra something that turns every Municipal Waste song into a total hit. Of course I cannot forget the one and only “the mastermind” the relentless and the Sadistic Magician, the man who destroys worlds just opening his mouth.Tony Foresta whose vocals is like magic on every track from this album. He is in control from the start and melts faces until the very end.

I know it is too soon but I really am looking forward to see and hear what’s next for Municipal Waste and listen to their future albums. I can assure you that “The Waste” has a lot more to give us and in time their signature sound will prevail once again. They can’t stop surprising us , THEY ARE JUST THE MOTHERFUCKING WASTE! 9/10

Maria Fernanda Ostolaza / MHF Magazine

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