Location: Grünspan Hamburg
Date: Dec 26, 2023

Almost four years have passed since my last concert visit. So it was about time again. And what could be more fitting than a very special Christmas party? For the twelfth time, the Kiezrockers from Ohrenfeindt invited their fans to the end-of-year concert at Grünspan on Große Freiheit. On the second day of Christmas. And around 500 fans were not long in coming. I still remember the show for the band’s 25th anniversary very well. You can see the pictures of the evening on Flickr.

It’s interesting how some bands describe their musical style. The evening’s support band – Rauschflut – have chosen the term “Amtlich norddeutscher Brettrock” (“Officially North German Board Rock”). The band hails from Gnarrenburg, somewhere between Hamburg and Bremen. Located on the Teufelsmoor (Devil’s Moor) and thus one of the railway stations of the Moorexpress (from Stade to Bremen and back). Founded in 2014, the album “Kirmes Deluxe” was released that year. And most of the songs on this three-quarter-hour show were taken from it. It was Good Mood Rock, at least musically. Some of the lyrics were thought-provoking, but they also spread the good mood inherent in the music. An exciting start.


Lineup Rauschflut:

Marko Butt – Vocals, Guitar
Rasco Hartig-Perschke – Guitar, Vocals
Michael Klöckner – Bass
Andreas Mahler – Drums, Vocals.

Title list Rauschflut:

  • Der Satellit zeigt uns den Mittelfinger
  • Früher war mehr Lametta
  • Der Albatros rockte L.A.
  • Miststück
  • Wo der Frosch die Locken hat
  • I.s.s.o.
  • Liv Tyler
  • Nein Doch Oh
  • Gib mir meinen Kaffee und niemand wird verletzt
  • Die Party, die keiner will

The traditional auction then took place during the changeover break. The funds raised went to the Sternenbrücke children’s hospice in Hamburg. The “object of desire” this year was a banner advertising a show by Ohrenfeindt on March 3. This one was hanging on a building fence. And the fans opened their hearts and their wallets. The auction raised the considerable amount of €1331.00. Thanks to all the donors!

We are Ohrenfeindt and we play Rock’n’Roll!

Bassist Chris Laut honoured a great man from the Rock business with this quote. Lemmy Kilmister. Two days earlier, on Christmas Eve, he would have celebrated his 78th birthday. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after his 70th birthday, on December 28th, 2015. R.I.P Lemmy!

Ohrenfeindt started their set with an oldie, “Harley-luja” from the 2006 album “Schmutzige Liebe”. And then hit after hit followed, in the style of a best of. Whether it was “Porschekiller”, “Motor an”, “Das Geld liegt auf der Straße” or “Auf die Fresse umsonst”. The fans sang along to the lyrics. But something completely new was also presented with “Wenn der Teufel anruft”, from the new album that will be released next year. And heaviness alternated with contemplation (“Es wird Tag auf St. Pauli”). The regular set ended with “Strom” from 2013’s “Auf die Fresse ist umsonst”. Naturally, the fans vehemently demanded an encore. The musicians didn’t take long and celebrated three more songs. The evening ended with the band’s anthem “Ohrenfeindt”. During the traditional outro “In Hamburg sagt man Tschüss” (“In Hamburg they say Tschuess”) by Heidi Kabel, the musicians took a deep bow to their fans once again.

Lineup Ohrenfeindt:

Chris Laut – Vocals, Bass, Harp, Piano
Pierre “Keule Rockt” Blesse – Guitars, Background Vocals
Robert ‘Jöcky’ Jöcks – Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals

Title list Ohrenfeindt:

  • Harley-luja
  • Porschekiller
  • Motor an
  • Das Geld liegt auf der Straße
  • Du brauchst Rock
  • Auf die Fresse ist umsonst
  • Wenn der Teufel anruft
  • Fluchtwagenfahrer
  • Kann ich Dich nach Hause fahren
  • Rock’n’Roll Mädchen
  • Es wird Tag auf St. Pauli
  • So nicht
  • Strom


  • Tanz nackt
  • Ohrenfeindt
  • Rock’n’Roll Sexgott
  • Outro – In Hamburg sagt man Tschüss (Heidi Kabel)

The noisy Christmas at Grünspan is a beloved tradition. As a Rock and Metal fan, there is no better way to end the Christmas season. Once again, this year, my thanks go to all the helpers at Grünspan, from security to lighting and sound technicians, bar staff, merch sellers and, of course, the musicians.


Disturbingly Good


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