It’s a good tradition. Every second Christmas day Ohrenfeindt invite their fans to the Gruenspan in Hamburg St. Pauli. To a very special Christmas party. So also, in the twenty-fifth year of existence on December 26, 2019. And this time, big video technology was brought up to record this event in video and sound for posterity. I was also on site that day, with my cameras. What I did not know at that time, this was my penultimate concert visit for several years. Unfortunately, Corona also threw a huge wrench in my plans. All the nicer that this show has now been released on double CD and DVD.

I had already written something about the concert itself two years ago. Now I want to comment on how the concert is presented visually. As expected, the video and sound quality of the recordings are excellent. Thanks to the use of various cameras on and in front of the stage, at the instruments as well as on the gallery in the Gruenspan, the band’s joy of playing was captured very well. Thanks to the regular pans in the direction of the audience, one can convince oneself of the great atmosphere. An impressive work show of a quarter of a century of Rock’n’Roll from the Kietz in St. Pauli. Whether “Porschekiller”, “Starkstrom-Baby” or ” Sie hat ihr Herz an St. Pauli verloren ” … Each of these songs brought back memories of earlier concerts or of the albums released so far. For everyone who was there, the DVD or the CDs offer almost two hours of goosebumps atmosphere.

However, I miss two things on the DVD. One is the traditional outro to the sounds of the Heidi Kabel hit “In Hamburg sagt man Tschüss”, where the trio always bows to their loyal fans. And some bonus material, e.g. from the auction of a spade “converted” into a guitar. These auctions also have a long-standing tradition. The money goes to the Sternenbrücke children’s hospice in Hamburg. And in 2019, it was still a little more than € 1000. But all this can not diminish the viewing and listening pleasure. The purchase of the fan box (with some giveaways) was definitely worth it.

Krawallgeigensymphonie: Starkstrom-Baby (Live from the Gruenspan Hamburg St. Pauli – Official video):


Andi Rohde – Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Pierre “Keule Rockt” Blesse – Guitars, Background Vocals
Chris Laut – Vocals, Bass, Harp, Piano

Label: Metalville

Out: February 25th, 2022

Playing time: 01:57:11 (51:22 / 01:05:49)

Track list:

  • Komm schon und hols Dir
  • Motor an
  • Porschekiller
  • So nicht
  • Zeit für Rock’n’Roll
  • Der Scheck ist in der Post
  • Hallo, Frau Doktor
  • Gib mir mein Problem zurück
  • Auf die Fresse ist umsonst
  • Mach die Tür zu
  • Spiel mit dem Feuer
  • Starkstrom Baby
  • Kalter Kaffee
  • Bum Bum Ballett
  • Heul den Mond an
  • König und Rebell
  • Tanz nackt
  • Sie hat ihr Herz an St. Pauli verloren
  • Energie
  • Strom


  • Rock’n’Roll Sexgott
  • Alles nur aus Plastik
  • Betriebsfest
  • Ohrenfeindt


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