Phantom Elite – Wasteland Album Review

It all started as a project. After the end of After Forever, Sander Gommans launched the project HDK with such well-known musicians as André Matos (ex-Angra) Amanda Somerville (Avantasia, Exit Eden) or Ariën van Weesenbeek (God Dethroned). Between 2009 and 2012 HDK have released two albums. Two years later he brought together young musicians from the Netherlands and Brazil. Together, the songs of the second HDK album were presented live on stage. That was the birth of Phantom Elite. And since the chemistry between the musicians was right, they started composing their own songs. The result of this process is now available. With “Wasteland” the band around the Brazilian singer Marina La Torraca have now released their debut album. First live appearances with Elyose (France) and Angel Nation (UK) followed.

Already at “Siren’s Call” you can enjoy the powerful sound. This is modern arranged melodic power metal with a slightly prog touch. And Marina La Torraca sings in a pleasant medium pitch. The prog orientation can be heard even more clearly in “Rise With The Dawn”. Here alternate fast, frantic with very melodic, sometimes quiet passages. The title song “Wasteland” bangs playful, sometimes almost hymnic out of the boxes. For this song, a video clip was produced. For me, that’s the best song on the album. Great epic choirs can be heard on “Revelation”. With “Astray” there is also a beautiful ballad on the album. Here subtly used strings provide a symphonic touch and acoustic guitars accompany the singing of Marina. Beautiful, another highlight for me. Another face-off tip is “Spectrum Of Fear”. Thanks to largely catchy melodies, this song has quite airplay quality. With the speed-cracker “Lockdown” the standard version of the album ends. Then you can hear the bonus track “Serenade Of The Netherworld” at the very end, another heartfelt ballad, only with acoustic guitars, strings and the vocals of Marina.

With “Wasteland”, the band around the sympathetic singer Marina La Torraca has released a very good debut album. Twelve varied songs recorded by excellent musicians. And frontwoman Marina can convince me vocally fully. I’m looking forward to the further development of Phantom Elite.

Photos by Jeroen Moerdijk

Phantom Elite – Wasteland (Official Music Video):


Sander Gommans (After Forever, HDK) – Man behind the magic
Marina La Torraca (Exit Eden, Avantasia live) – Vocals
Goof Veelen – Guitars
Ted Wouters – Guitars
Eelco van der Meer (Stream of Passion live, ExLibris) – Drums

Label: Self-distributed

Out: December 8th 2017

Duration: 58:06

Track list:

  • Siren’s Call
  • Rise With The Dawn
  • Another Day
  • Wasteland
  • Revelation
  • Astray
  • Every Man For Himself
  • Spectrum Of Fear
  • With The Gods
  • Above The Crowd
  • Lockdown
  • Serenade Of The Netherworld (Bonus Track)


Rating: 8/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber


Disturbingly Good


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