“PRONG” “Hower it will end” CD REVIEW by Geir Olaisen

Prong is probably one of the most productive bands around, 4 albums the last 3 years.One should belive that would affect the quality, but Tommy Victor is a man who has alot on his mind and Prong make quality Thrash/Crossover/groove metal. Zero Days is a typical Prong album full of good riffs,groove and power.

Compared to last years release X-No absolutes, their 11th studio album is more more agressive, faster and uncompromising a litle back and closer to the 90s Prong. The opener “Hower it will end”kickstart an intense album in typical Prong style wellbalanced between heaviness, power and melodic tracks . My favorite track on Zero Days is blood out of stone. A very good album worth giving a listen. 8/10

1.However it May End

2. Zero Days

3. Off the Grid

4. Divide and Conquer

5. Forced Into Tolerance

6. Interbeing

7. Blood Out of Ston

8.Operation of the Moral La

9. The Whispers

10. Self Righteous Indignation

11. Rules of the Collective

12. Compulsion Future Projection

13.Wasting of the Dawn

14. Reasons to be Fearful(Bonus)

Geir Olaisen / MHF Magazine

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