“Review of Saor” Guardians – CD REVIEWS by Geir Olaisen

Saor is a one man band, where the only constant member is Andy Marshall. Only additional musician on this album was Cnoc An Tursa`s drummer Bryan Hamilton.   The word Saor means free on scotish and gaelic Guardians is his third release. The music is atmospheric black metal where themes are mostly around Scottish Heritage, nature and Sorrow.
Saor is one man band that plays live, with the help some session musicans

His first release Roots where released under the name Àrsaidh. This is exciting celtic black metal infused  with celtic folk music, atmospheric, different and good. I recommend those who want something different to listen to check it out. This a quality album. (9/10)

Artist: Saor

Released: 11. november 2016

Recordcompany : Northern Silence Productions


  1. Autumn Rain
  2. The Declaration
  3. Guardians
  4. Hearth
  5. Tears Of A Nation


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