Solitude Within – When Kingdoms Fall

Solitude Within
When Kingdoms Fall
Label: Boxfish Records (Self-release)
Out: October 22nd, 2022
Playing time: 46:38

Solitude Within are one of many Belgian Metal bands. The band was founded in 2017 in Ninove (province of East Flanders). They named themselves after the song of the same name by Evergrey from the album “The Dark Discovery” (1998).  The debut album “Disappear” was released in the same year as the band’s founding. In September 2017, the musicians also performed at the Voices of the Succubi Festival in Malta. This festival was part of the band battle for FEMME 2018 in Eindhoven. Singer Emmelie Arents is also a book author. You can find four of her books on Amazon, but only the Dutch editions.

It rains and thunders. At least at the beginning of “Beautifully Broken”, gloomy strings enter. The drums join in and the thunderstorm approaches. A quiet song with calm vocals. Only when the rhythm section kicks in later does it get a little faster. But the ballad-like dominates. Typical Symphonic Metal? Not really, the bombast is not pushed to the limits. And above all, you are being spared from opera-like vocals. Emmelie Arents’ voice is more in the mezzo-soprano range. And is powerful at the same time. “Further Away” also starts with strings, but hard riffs later provide a Metal sound. In addition, there is a chorus to sing along with. In “When Kingdoms Fall”, the double bass drives forward at first, before Melodic Metal in the midtempo range can be heard again. This time the e-piano is more in the foreground. With “I’m Not Lost” follows a soulful ballad. Which again and again gets an appropriate Metal power from heavy riffs. And is crowned by a huge guitar solo. And the next power ballad follows on its heels. “Over And Over”, however, is heavier in places than the song before it. Also “One Final Wish” starts very calmly. Later, heavy riffs are added. Little by little the songs become predictable. Also in “Breathe” balladic and harder riff passages alternate. The riff in “Land Of Disarry” is very reminiscent of Within Temptation. Later, too, there are repeated references to the Dutch symphonic metallers. While Emmelie seems like a younger version of Charlotte Wessels in other songs, Sharon den Adel’s vocal characteristics come through here. And you can hear evil growls from guitarist Quincy Van Overmeire. But already with “Ice And Fire” it goes back to the already known musical scheme of the band. A mixture of ballad and anthem. This is not much different with “To The Grave”. But there is one difference, the renewed growls of Quincy. And the guitar solo is also convincing. For a change, “Astray” starts with sacred vocals. Later, the riffs bang out of the boxes. And the double bass drives one last time. For me, this is the best song on the album, next to “Further Away” and “Land Of Disarry”. I would have wished for more of this quality.

“When Kingdoms Fall” is a solid second album by the Belgians. But besides light, there is unfortunately also shadow. Sure, there are no bad songs, but I miss the variety. Too much takes place in the ballad or semi-ballad area. Solitude Within should work on that for their next album. The musicians certainly have the musical ability for it.

Solitude Within – Astray:


Emmelie Arents – Lead Vocals, Keyboard
Jean-Paul Laffargue – Guitar
Quincy Van Overmeire – Guitar, Grunts
Fré Delaey – Bass
Hans Sarazyn – Drums

Track list:

  • Beautifully Broken
  • Further Away
  • When Kingdoms Fall
  • I’m Not Lost
  • Over and Over
  • One Final Wish
  • Breathe
  • Land of Disarray
  • Ice and Fire
  • To The Grave
  • Astray
  • 7/10
    Album - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Cover-Art - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Songwriting - 8/10