“Static-X Machine” CD- Review By Jason Hartsock

Everyone loves Static-X right? From Wisconsin Death Trip to Cult of Static, there is one that stands out in particular especially for this month. Their album, “Machine”, was released on May 22, 2001 which makes it 16 years old this year. The album was recorded at Studio 508 in Los Angeles, California. Recording took place in October 2000 and concluded January 2001.

The album consisted of Wayne Static on vocals, guitars, keyboards and music programming, Tony Campos on bass and backing vocals and Ken Jay on drums. The album peaked at number 11 on the Billboard 200 and number 56 on the UK Albums Chart. Machine unleashed 11 new Static-X tunes (not including the intro track) upon the world in 2001. These tracks are in order as follows: Bien Venidos (intro), Get to the Gone, Permanence, Black and White, This Is Not, Otsego Undead, Cold, Structural Defect, …In a Bag, Burn to Burn, Machine and A Dios Alma Perdida. Let’s dig in!

Okay, so I have noticed that this album has a lot more electronics and a lot more industrial effects compared to all the other albums. Wayne also noticeably screams his head off a lot more on this album than all the others.

The fact that Wayne Static took control of literally 75% of this album is insane. He was really going for it one this one.

Personally, I love this album. So. Damn. Much. I play it in my car more than I should and the neighborhood and sometimes even the police hear this album a lot when I’m driving around town.
All in all, this was just a freaking fantastic album, hands down. Like I said, I love it. The guitar work is amazing, the riffs, everything. Wayne did a great deal on those for this album. Tony Campos is great on the bass. Everyone knows this, well, at least I do. Ken Jay taking on his duty on drums paid off for this album. It’s virtually impossible to note all of the improvements this album had compared to Wisconsin Death Trip, which was released 2 years earlier and was the band’s debut album.

This is album is great. Static-X is great. Wayne Static (Rest his soul) is great. Everything is great. This release is rated 5 out of 5 stars from this present day.
In closing, don’t forget to celebrate 16 years of Machine this month on the 22nd and blast it loud. Like, really loud. Seriously. I know I will.

Jason Hartsock / MHF Magazine

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