The Harps – Andry Lagiou
Mistress Of The Night
October 24, 2020

Again, I get to know a singer from Greece. Andry Lagiou is a versatile artist. She began making music and singing at the age of nine. Four years later she was on stage with various musicians. She has been a member of Mike LePond’s Silent Assasins since 2016 and sang on the second album “Pawn And Prophecy” (2018). She founded her own band, The Harps, in 2012. And what could be more natural that the Symphony X bassist also plays in her band. The other musicians at her side are not blank slates either. The debut album “Love Strikes Doves” was released in 2017. The second album “Skies” should be released next year. The single “Mistress of the Night” should shorten the wait a bit.

This video is about standing for women and equality, it’s against sexism, racism in job opportunities, personal relationships etc that women feel everyday by men in their lives. This happens since the ancient and medieval times till our days, nothing has really changed, BUT the women will rise up, right now!

That’s what the singer says about this video. The video itself is set in the Middle Ages. A horde of knights want to kidnap the noble damsel, but she knows how to fight. In between, three beautiful, but well-fortified Amazons are faded in. And damsel Andry charms the prince. Musically, the song is well-made Power Metal, which is crowned by a brilliant guitar solo. In the video the singer plays this solo herself. I can only guess whether it will be celebrated in the official production by Stephen Platt. The singer sometimes reminds me of the early years of Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast).

I have to admit, I didn’t know the band or the singer before. But with this song they completely convinced me. I’m really looking forward to the album coming out next year.

The Harps – Mistress of the Night:


Andry Lagiou – Vocals
Mike Lepond – Bass
Corvin Bahn – Keyboards
Stephen Platt – Guitars
Mike Exeter – Mix

Track list:

  • Mistress Of The Night
  • Video - 10/10
  • Cover Art - 8/10
  • Songwriting - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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