Theatres Des Vampires
In Nomine Sanguinis
Scarlet Records
November 19th, 2021
Playing time: 41:39

They are probably one of the longest-serving Italian Metal bands, Theatres des Vampires, based in the capital Rome. They are dedicated to the horror cult. The visual and above all musical figurehead is singer Sonya “Scarlet” Siccardi. She joined the band two years after it was founded. And except for guitarist Flavio Gianello, the other band members have also been with the band since the early years, sometimes with minor interruptions. Although, I’m not quite so sure. Only three band members are named in the press release. Anyway, “In Nomine Sanguinis” is the band’s eleventh album by now. I had the opportunity to see Theatres des Vampires live once.

The song “Death In Venice” starts with a symphonic introduction, which is accompanied by Industrial sounds. The Industrial touch remains, but the song is melodic. Even the singer’s voice doesn’t sound quite as scratchy as I remember. Am I wrong or is the sound catchier than in earlier years? However, without losing anything of its gloominess. “Endless Darkness” sounds more like what I’m expecting from Sonya Siccardi & Co. However, you can also clearly hear the Industrial Electronic sounds.”Christina” sounds like a further development of “Camilla” (Moonlight Waltz, 2011).  And could develop into an airplay hit at the rock radio stations. Despite the exuberant use of industrial synths here too, “Lady Bathory” conveys a dark atmosphere. And Sonya sings with such a wonderfully scratchy voice, as I got to know and love her many years ago. Occasionally she even growls. “My Cold Heart” is extremely ballad-like and probably the most melodic song on the whole album. The title song “In Nomine Sanguinis” is also one of the quieter ones. A true blood-soaked anthem with Epic choruses. And the album ends with a typical TdV anthem (“Till the Last Drop of Blood”).

Five years after “Candyland”, the Italian vampire rockers return impressively. Certainly the sound may have changed (or evolved?). But in the end, Theatres des Vampires have remained true to themselves in 2021. What is striking, however, is the heavy use of Industrial Synthies. In the future, these could be cut back a bit.

Theatres des Vampires – Death in Venice:


Zimon Lijoi – Bass, Backing Vocals
Sonya “Scarlet” Siccardi – Vocals
Gabriel Valerio – Drums, Backing Vocals
Fabian Varesi – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Flavio Gianello – Guitars

Track list:

  • Death In Venice
  • Endless Darkness
  • Christina
  • The Bride Of Corinth
  • Lady Bathory
  • My Cold Heart
  • In Nomine Sanguinis
  • Golden Cage
  • The Void Inside
  • Till the Last Drop Of Blood
  • Album - 8/10
  • Cover-Art - 8/10
  • Song Writing - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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