Tomorrow’s Rain-Hollow

Tomorrow’s Rain


AOP Records – Doom Metal  

  FFO: My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Swallow the Sun, Moonspell

Hailing from Israel, the story of Tomorrow’s Rain has been one a long time in the making, but this year, almost 18 years after its initial inception, the Tel Aviv band have assembled an impressive roster of high-profile guests to aid in the delivery of their upcoming album ‘Hollow’.

What is immediately noticeable about ‘Hollow’ is just how good of a production that Tomorrow’s Rain has presented; each instrument can be clearly heard and allows each vocal track to nigh-on perfectly compliment the musical melodies with ringleader Yishai Sweartz driving ‘Hollow’ forward with some excellently crafted songs. However, the thought does cross the mind that if ‘Hollow’ did not boast guests such as Greg Mackintosh, Jeff Loomis and Sakis Tolis whether it would stand up as good as it is.

Yet, this is a talented band, there is no doubt there, but ‘Hollow’ does genre jump around a little too much, it feels as if the songs were written for the guest and therefore most of the songs sound a little like other bands and it is difficult to see ‘who’ exactly Tomorrow’s Rain are.

However, the final track featuring Lisa Cuthbert is a beautiful slow-burning piece that provides an excellent closing to a rather long, if not too a tad too long, album.

There are some sublime moments to ‘Hollow’ and it is nowhere near unlistenable, but for Tomorrow’s Rain, we need to go beyond the looking glass of guest vocals and see exactly what the band are truly capable of.


Adam McCann