Tygers of Pan Tang – Ambush

Tygers of Pan Tang.


Mighty Music.

Heavy Metal.

FFO: Saxon, Tokyo Blade, Samson, Tank, Jaguar, Angel Witch, Fist

Tygers of Pan Tang are one of NWOBHM’s most stellar bands and whilst they didn’t hit the heights that the likes of Iron Maiden and Def Leppard would, Whitby’s most prolific metal band released such classic albums like ‘Spellbound’ and ‘Crazy Nights’. More recently, the Tygers have re-energised their career and this year sees a deluxe remaster of their 2012 album ‘Ambush’.

                This might have been an album which slipped out under the heavy metal radar, but as an album ‘Ambush’ has the magic and makings of a cult classic. Although this was Dean Robertson’s final album with the Tygers, it does herald the arrival of Gavin Gray whilst Robb Weir’s ever-present guitar flows perfectly behind Jacopo Meille’s soaring accessible vocals all packaged up by a beautiful production from the legendary Chris Tsangarides. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are some exceptionally strong tracks here; ‘Man On Fire, ‘Keeping Me Alive’ and ‘These Eyes’ are amongst some of the best recent work from the Tygers and now through this deluxe edition are available once more. However, for Tygers fans, this was already known, what ‘Ambush’ offers are a collection of four bonus tracks; an excellent studio outtake in ‘Cruel Hands of Time’ and three thunderous live versions of ‘Keeping Me Alive’, ‘These Eyes’ and ‘Rock N’ Roll Dream’ that capture the Tygers in the moment onstage performing from this album.

    It is good to have ‘Ambush’ readily available again, it is a contemporary masterstroke by a band still roaring with power after 40 years. Although it has been eight years from its initial release; ‘Ambush’ may still not register on the general heavy metal horizon, but for true metalheads; this may just be one of the reissues of the year.


Adam McCann