Ulver-The Assassination of Julius Caesar review by Geir Olaisen

Ulver is true musical chamelions, you never know what you you get when they release a new album.

Since the start as a black metal band in 1993 the been by countless generes like black,folk,avantgarde, ambient experimental and 3 made soundtracks to 3 scandinavian movies. The have always had the tendency go from one extremity to another. The Assassination of Julius Caesar is a great album with 8 listenableable songs where the lyrichs are based on  Mythological and historical events that reflect power, desire, tears, utterances and decadents in society, from ancient  Roman times to more events of modern sociciety like the the death of Princess Diana in the carcrash in 1996 Kristoffer “Garm” Rygg is the only member left of the official line up, here he has made a masterpiece of  an album which is inspired by postpunk like David Bowie, 80s synth like Depece mode, some industrial like NIN.

The first time i listend to this album i got dragged in and hooked. This album is not an album everybody would like, but for those who like it will get instantly hooked find it damn catchy. It`s a different but great album, Kristoffer Ryggs vocal is brilliant and proves his versatility, like he did in Arcturus and Borknagar .

My favorite track on the album is “So falls the world” Below you can check out the opening track Nemoralia. 9,5/10

Geir Olaisen / MHF Magazine

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