Voodoo Circle – Raised On Rock Album Review

By Rainer Kerber

For years, Voodoo Circle deemed a secret tip among German classic rock acts. The band around guitar virtuoso Alex Beyrodt has released four excellent albums so far. Above all, “Whiskey Fingers” (2015) was a milestone, a reminiscence of the great years of White Snake. Since then Alex Beyrodt had to cope with the leaving of singer David Readman and keyboarder Alessandro del Vecchio. New man at the microphone is Herbie Langhans (Avantasia, Sinbreed, et al.). The keyboards were recorded by Corvin Bahn, who also recorded the keys for Saxon and Uli Jon Roth. I had the pleasure to experience Voodoo Circle live two years ago at the Rock-Café St. Pauli in Hamburg.

Swirling Hammond organ, banging guitar riffs, ahead driving drums and especially the rock singing by the new member Herbie Langhans, then Voodoo Circle presented in 2018 with the anthemic “Running Away From Love”. And guitar master Beyrodt shines on again his instrument. In “Higher Love” the bluesy guitar parts and the vocals remind me on Deep Purple or early Whitesnake with some ZZ Top quotes. And in “Walk On The Line” you can hear a bit of a rainbow feeling for the first time. With “Just Take My Heart” is also an airplay-compatible song on the album, catchy melodies and a chorus to sing along. In addition, a loosely chiped in melodic guitar solo, that cannot play too many guitarists in this quality. “Where Is The World We Love” is THE ballad on the album. Powerful drums and slightly scratchy vocals accompanied by beautiful guitar melodies. In addition to the hit “Unknown Stranger” one of the highlights of the album. “Dreamchaser” is a song that has matured over many years. Originally composed for the debut album, it took ten years until Alex was completely satisfied with it. And this is become a killer song – a deep bow to the guitar hero Blackmore. This is definitely the best song on “Raised On Rock” for me.

Voodoo Circle have released a true hard rock masterpiece here. The compositions sound in a range somewhere between Whitesnake, Rainbow or Led Zeppelin. Sometimes I think also quotes from Jimi Hendrix to hear. All of these influences are mixed by mastermind Alex Beyrodt into a unique Voodoo Circle soundscape. “Raised On Rock” is certainly a strong contender for the title of rock album of the year.

Voodoo Circle – Higher Love: https://youtu.be/RZ05TMMQ3VI


Alex Beyrodt – Guitars
Herbie Langhans – Vocals
Mat Sinner – Bass
Francesco „Cesco“ Jovino – Drums

Label: AFM Records

Out: February 9th, 2018

Duration: 50:32

Track list:

  • Running Away From Love
  • Higher Love
  • Walk On The Line
  • You Promised Me Heaven
  • Just Take My Heart
  • Where Is The World We Love
  • Ultimate Sin
  • Chase Me Away
  • Unkown Stranger
  • Dreamchaser
  • Love Is An Ocean

Rating : 9/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber


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