WARRIOR SOUL: Tough as fuck, Live In Athens (ALBUM REVIEW) by David Maloney

What can be said about a band and a front man that’s been around to experience the highs and lows of the turbulent and competitive Metal music industry? What can be said about a band that has toured the World, headlining and supporting some of the greatest bands in the world? What can be said is that this underrated Rock star with one of the most unique voices in all of Rock, Hard Rock, and Metal is back with his newly reformed band WARRIOR SOUL. They are killing it on their newly released live effort “Tough as Fuck: Live in Athens”. The band didn’t miss a beat, right from the opening track “Fuck the Pigs”. Kory Clarke, possessing one of the greatest voices in the business, is in top form as he kicks into high gear and takes control of the stage from the first strum of Rille Lundell’s guitar. Kory is a master and doesn’t hold back continuing a relentless assault as they lead into the second track, the anthemic “Punk and Belligerent”, followed by “The Drug”. At this point the crowd is in a beautiful ballistic Rock n Roll fury within a wave of Warrior Soul Heaven. The party doesn’t stop there and Kory Clarke is just starting his groove and has the crowd in his majestic fingers. As this train rolls on down the track, the fourth number is one of the most pleasing and probably the song that bridges the night from the first drink straight up to “let’s get wasted”. Now the crowd are all in for this ride and taking no prisoners, they are at Kory’s mercy and ready for more. From Track five to Track ten there is an all-out musical assault that takes the mind, body, and soul on a journey that is one way, Kory’s way, and everyone is along for the ride. This is one live album without fillers, this is one for the ages and a ferocious tenacity that keeps burning up the night as we close in on the end of the album. Next up is arguable one of their most well-known songs in their discography and they deliver it with the impact of a Jackhammer. Track eleven “Love Destruction” absolutely delivers and the crowd is in a collective fireball of Rock energy that just keeps fueling itself as we continue with one of Warrior Soul’s biggest hits, “Downtown”. This song hits the crowd with a undeniable wave of synergy and the band is just ripping it up and ripping it out. Still, Kory is vocally in control like a wizard as they burst into their biggest crowd pleasing anthem. Everyone has lost control as we hit track thirteen, “Wasteland”, the final and best song of the evening and the crowd is just going wild. What I can say is that this album is amazing from top to bottom and full of energy that captures exactly what the band is and who they are playing for. They are back, better than ever and this album is back to the front and moving forward. (8/10)

Wasteland (Live)


MHF / David Maloney

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