Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse

Album Review by Adam McCann

Label : Century Media Records

Year : 2018

The Sun is Eclipsed by the Wolf

Watain have carried the torch of true black metal since the turn of the millennium and now 18 years on, the band have delivered their sixth album ‘Trident Wolf Eclipse’. As this would turn out, ‘Trident Wolf Eclipse’ is a return to the more classic Watain sound after the release of 2013’s rather lacklustre ‘The Wild Hunt’ which saw the band touch heavily on progressive elements.


As for ‘Trident Wolf Eclipse’, it is full of the all the double bass blast beats, low-fi distorted bass and howling guitars that would instantly drag in fans of Dissection, Emperor, Marduk and Mayhem having that instant recognisability makes ‘Trident Wolf Eclipse’ warm and familiar. The album manages to achieve this through songs like the excellent ‘Nuclear Alchemy’, ‘Towards the Sanctuary’ and ‘Sacred Damnation’ as Watain have seriously taken a look at themselves and thought long and hard about where the previous album may have faltered. Instead of sulking like a petulant child, Waitain have accessed the situation and bounced back with an album of decent black metal and although some of the tracks fail to stick to memory, overall, ‘Trident Wolf Eclipse’ is a return to form.


Although with ‘Trident Wolf Eclipse’, Watain struggle to hit the heights ‘Casus Luciferi’ or ‘Lawless Darkness’, it is a solid and enjoyable effort nonetheless.


Rating : 75/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann


Disturbingly Good


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