We Are to Blame
Duality I

What happens when the joy of Astrid Lindgrens wonderful stories intertwines with the melancholy born from the endless nights north of the Arctic Circle?

The press release for the debut EP “Duality I” by the Swedish band We Are to Blame begins with this question. But a completely different question suggests itself to me: What happens when a Metal guitarist and singer places an announcement for a female Pop singer? That’s what happened in the northern Swedish province of Norrbotten. But Johan Karlsson was successful and found the experienced singer Alice Hartvig. That is now history. Together with another guitarist (Urban Granbacke) songwriting and studio recordings started. Initially, three singles were released this year. These found their way onto the meanwhile released debut EP, together with three more songs.

After playing with sounds, the Swedes get right into it with “Breathe”. Lower-tuned guitars and a strong bass line characterise the song. And yes, Alice Hartvig’s singing fits like a glove. Even female Pop singers can hold their own in Metal, if they have the appropriate vocal range. “Losing Rhythm” continues exactly there. the drums drive the musicians forward. Alice impresses again with her dark timbre. You can sing along to the chorus very quickly. We Are to Blame also put a lot of emphasis on melody. With “My Release”, the Pop side shines through more. Synths push themselves into the foreground. “The Change” sounds more like metal again. Once again, the drummer spurs on his comrades-in-arms. Mastermind Johan Karlsson contributes some growls. “Falling Down” tends towards Pop-Metal again. Again, with growls. It brings back memories of Amaranthe. At the very end, the power ballad of the album can be heard. In “All I Want To Say” you can hear Johan’s clear vocals in a duet with Alice. Both harmonise perfectly with each other.

  • Album - 8/10
  • Cover Art - 8/10
  • Songwriting - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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