Out: May 3rd, 2024
Playing time: 39:18

Whaledog were apparently founded in autumn 2020. At least the first entry on Facebook dates from 9 September 2020 (‘The brand new swedish Rock band WHALEDOG is on the rise!’). According to the promotional email, four singles have been released since 2021. The band members are rooted in the Swedish Pop and Rock scene and have a lot of experience as musicians and producers. But the musicians’ preference is Classic Hard Rock from the seventies. And the self-titled debut album has been available since May of this year.

The opener ‘Leave Me Alone’ is classic mid-tempo Hard Rock. As you would expect, the refrain invites you to sing along. The tempo is hardly increased on ‘In Time’ either. Beautiful twin-guitar playing can be heard. Ole Breimo’s Rock voice is slightly raspy. Subtle keyboard carpets can be heard in the background. ‘Turn Around And Walk Away’ is characterised by riffs. The keyboards sound slightly like a Hammond. The tempo picks up a little on ‘No Go Zone’. And you can hear the Hammond wafting. Even ‘I Can’t Save You’ is strongly characterised by the Hammond. But it’s a little quieter again. ‘Standing On Shoulders Of Giants’ also belongs to the quieter kind, even if the guitars fry in between. ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ then rocks a little faster again, also thanks to the drumming. Hard riffs dominate on ‘I Might Have’. The Hammond is also omnipresent again. And ‘Turn Your Face Towards The Sun’ continues with classic Hard Rock in the mid-tempo range. At the very end there is the power ballad ‘One Day One Life’.

Whaledog have released a solid debut album. Even if it is perhaps lacking the huge hit. I would also have liked a bit more variety in terms of tempo. And perhaps a little more heaviness from time to time. The songwriting and the musical performance are definitely convincing.

Whaledog – Leave Me Alone: https://youtu.be/L8jxSu6o3e4?si=A9yzcmZKX4BPGTsw


Ole Breimo – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Ulf Hedin – Guitars
Robert Wirensjö – Keyboards
Samuel Laxberg – Bass
Mikael Kerslow – Drums

Track list:

  • Leave Me Alone
  • In Time
  • Turn Around And Walk Away
  • No Go Zone
  • I Can’t Save You
  • Standing on Shoulders of Giants
  • Do’s & Don’ts
  • I Might Have
  • Turn Your Face Towards The Sun
  • One Day One Life
  • Overall Rating - 7.5/10


Disturbingly Good


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