Whyzdom – As Time Turns To Dust

Album Review by Rainer Kerber

Three years ago, the concept album “Symphony For A Hopeless God” was released. On this album, the Philharmonic metal band Whyzdom from France themed the crimes perpetrated under the guise of religion. The terrorist attacks of Paris in early 2015 clearly showed how current this topic is. At this time, I also had the pleasure of interviewing singer Marie and mastermind Vynce. Now Whyzdom release their fourth album “As Time Turns To Dust”, the second album with singer Marie Mac Leod (born Rouyer). It seems that there will  be calming down in the lineup changing carousel by the French. There was only one change, for Xavier Corrientes now Tristan Demurger plays the bass – a band member of the first hour. Also, on the current album, the musicians take on a serious topic, the imminent apocalypse and the responsibility of humanity.

Already during the short epic intro of “Armor Of Dust” the Chanteuse shows her vocal abilities. Then the guitars shoot out and Whyzdom-typically much orchestral bombast is placed underneath. The orchestral passages are not from a synthesizer, but from a collection of real orchestral recordings. This ensures a natural and harmonious sound. But the own instrumentation is obviously dominant. Banging riffs, intricate guitar solos and punchy drums ensure spite of all symphonies for really metallic heavyness. With “Armageddon” also the four girls of the Dark Whispers Choir can shine on vocally. You can also see them in the video produced for this song.

In the proggy “Fly Away” Marie swings her voice to the highest heights. Otherwise, she usually sings in her comfort zone, the middle pitches. And their song often sounds like rock and thus sets a contrast to the symphonic instrumentation. But you also do not have to give up rest points on “As Time Turns To Dust”, due to the power ballad “The Page” or the first half of “The Mistchild” make it sure. Also “Angel Of Tears” starts quietly. Here, the French have incorporated folk elements. Meanwhile, “Follow Your Heart” is a real speed metal hit. Finally, there is the anthemic “Angel Of Tears”. Here the singer can present her trained soprano voice again.

With “As Time Turns To Dust” Whyzdom have produced a very good album. The songwriting is varied, the production modern and powerful. Mastermind Vynce Leff shows his penchant for bombastic orchestration. The orchestral passages, however, never run out. The rhythm section always remains decisive. And the voice of singer Marie Mac Leod is the icing on the songs, although this time I miss her harsh growls a bit. The songs of the album can be very well presented as a soundtrack for Phantasy films or end-time dramas.

WHYZDOM – Armageddon (Official Music Video):


Marie Mac Leod – Vocals
Tristan Demurger – Bass
Vynce Leff – Guitar, Orchestration
Nicolas Chaumeaux – Drums
Régis Morin – Guitar
Marc Ruhlmann – Keyboards

Label: Scarlet Records

Out: April, 6th 2018

Duration: 59:05

Track list:

  • Armour Of Dust
  • Armageddon
  • Fly Away
  • The Page
  • Follow Your Heart
  • Angel Of Tears
  • Free As A Bird
  • The Mistchild
  • Dust We Are

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