Xavier Boscher
Cosmic Variations
Atomospheric Instrumental Metal
Release Date : March 7, 2022

Xavier Boscher is a French Rock Prog Metal New-Age guitarist who has released many albums since 1995.

A Composer, an artist, A Musician, what not to speak when it comes to speak the awesomeness of Xavier Boscher.

March 7, 2022, marks yet another episode in the journey in the music of Xavier, This Instrumental album drives into the celestial taking the listener into a journey of starlights.

The Progressive elements the atmospheric presence in this album is quite amazing, The way the music is progressed and mastered are extra ordinary.

It gives the listener an immense pleasure to be even more precise its not just listening, it takes you into a journey into an outer space.

The 13 songs are well worked, amazing guitars and musically brilliance that has been kept throughout the album.

Play, Close your eyes and enter into the realm of Xavier’s “Cosmic Variation” and you will see yourself set into a different world.

Thanks Xavier for an amazing masterpiece, he has been making awesomeness for years now.

This is a well deserved one not just for the rock/metal fans, but for everyone who has a passion towards real music.


1. Sea Serpent
2. Echo 1
3. Compass on Argonauts Ship 4. Echo 2
5. Reticulum
6. Echo 3
7. Denebola
8. Echo 4
9. Pleione
10. Echo 5
11. Astrophel
12. Echo 6
13. Stellan

Composed by Xavier Boscher
Recorded by Xavier Boscher
Mix and master : Xavier Boscher
Artwork © Andréa & Xavier Boscher

  • Album - 10/10
  • Cover-Art - 9/10
  • Instrumental Progression - 9/10


Disturbingly Good


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