KORPIKLAANIPartawa and Mad Viking Finland, a charity supporting club of bearded men, have created a beard oil in collaboration. It will be sold as a limited edition of 2000 bottles. Of the price of each sold bottle, 5€ will be given to SYLVA, a charity that supports children and youth fighting cancer. 
The CEO of PartawaMika Poikonen, is very happy with the new oil. “The oil is called Korven Kyynel (Tear of the Wilderness). It has the scent of an evergreen tree and it’s straight from the “Eyes of the Forest” like a song with almost the same name by Korpiklaani. The beard oil was made in Finland and all of its ingredients are completely natural. Korven Kyynel treats the beard and the skin, and helps children and youth who are sick with cancer.”

Partawa and Mad Viking Finland began charity activities last year via band collaboration with TURMION KÄTILÖT. Their product was a beard oil called Viimeinen voitelu (Extreme Unction). “When we asked Korpiklaani to join us this year, they said yes right away. And while Turmion Kätilöt was a great band, with Korpiklaani we have to take internationality into account” tells Sami Orava, the chairman of Mad Viking Finland
According to Jonne Järvelä, the singer/guitarist of KORPIKLAANI, picking the charity was easy. “It was easy agreeing to join the beard oil project of Partawa and Mad Viking Finland. The number of beards in our band is quite big, so we are going to need the product too, along with the scent of the wilderness, of course! Picking the charity was easy as well because cancer took away my grandparents, and last year also my uncle and the sister of my mother-in-law. Cancer has a tendency to cut the victim’s life short and I can only imagine how horrible it is for a family when a child gets sick with it. That’s why we wanted to donate the proceeds to fight cancer of children and youth”
When cancer touches the life of a family, the patients and their loved one’s lives change suddenly and unexpectedly. Sylva helps them to handle the crisis, cope with the disease, and move onward from the difficult situation. “Everybody needs somebody to walk beside them at some point, somebody who sticks by them when things get hard. Also, Sylva needs supporters – people to walk with us – because we finance our activities mainly with donated funds. We are very grateful for the cooperation with Mad Viking Finland and Korpiklaani.”saysAnna-Leena Mitro, the treasuring manager of Sylva
Due to the covid situation, there won’t be a public launching event, but Korven Kyynel will launch officially on Thursday the 15th of October at 12 PM with this media release. 
The sale starts November 1st and the oil will be sold in the online stores of Partawa and KORPIKLAANI.  

Watch the latest video from the band “Suddenmorsian” (POWERWOLF cover) here: https://youtu.be/IM4-e8oWHw8

You can also watch the Korpiklaani Vodka Release show, held on the 29 August 2020 as Video on Demand at www.korpiklaani.live
The show is available for unlimited time.
You can watch “Tequila” with a drum solo in front of the beer tanks in the brewery. www.youtube.com/watch?v=aClMVVgjySk
Order KORPIKLAANI‘s Kulkija and more, here:nblast.de/KorpiklaaniKulkijaTE

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