“A NEW TOMORROW” Interview by David Maloney

Alessio Garavello and Andrea Lonardi first met in the Italian music scene when they were both actively playing concerts throughout the northern part of the country as members of different bands. They came from diverse musical roots but shared a deep love for melodic groovy hard rock music. Eventually Alessio and Andrea decided to leave their bands and their country to move to the historic land of Rock, the United Kingdom, where together they began a musical journey founding “A New Tomorrow”. It was a new day in their lives and the positive attitude that got them together started to flow into their music.During their first steps in the London music scene they met a very talented session drummer, Tim Hall and A New Tomorrow was finally completed.

Hello so glad you could fit us into your busy schedule and answer some questions for our publication, how are things in your world at the moment? Hope all is well. Can you tell our readers about the band, how your journey has been since your initial inception?

Thank you for having us! All great here, getting ready and super excited for our upcoming shows supporting Fates Warning on their “Theories of Flight” European tour in February.
Many things have happened since we moved to London and through ups and downs we got to finally record our debut album at our recording studios in London. Definitely worth it!

You are defined as a modern rock style combining heavy groovy riffs and melodic vocals, is this a fair assessment of your sound? What does the categorizing of music mean to you? Do you feel it is necessary to label every type of sound to a genre or subgenre? Sometimes this can lead to consumer confusion and potential buyers getting turned off by these labels and not buying a record based on an inaccurate stigma and also it has the adverse effect in that it could help sell records based on this concept. Where does this theory sit with you?

You can certainly say our music is a mix of heavy groovy riffs and melodic vocals and if that is what they call modern rock, well, then we are definitely modern rock haha! In my opinion categorizing music can be a good thing if you see it as the preface on a book made to give you an idea and a contest of what you are about to read and bad if it takes the curiosity in discovering new bands away from you. I personally choose what I want to listen to depending on my mood and I very often find myself listening to Spotify’s Radios which are usually categorized by genres . I can be in the mood for a certain style of music but without a specific band in mind. I actually discovered many new bands in this way.

In listening to some of your music I get the feeling of being motivated, like anything can be accomplished and dreams can come true, is this a message you are trying to convey to your fans new and old? and people in general. Is this a philosophy you practice in life as well?

You have no idea how happy it makes me hearing you saying this. It is indeed the message we are trying to spread. Hard times can bring negativity in our lives and make us seeing things from a dark prospective. Never underestimate yourself and what you can achieve. Be inspired, believe in your dreams and work hard to make them come true and by doing so, you will be inspirational for other people to do the same. This is definitely how we see things and this is our approach to life! Inspire and be inspired.

A New Tomorrow is quickly gaining a reputation for immense energy during your live performances, raw unleashed fury is a description of some. Can you tell our readers how important a live performance is to you? and how you translate and incorporate this energy into your show and do you feed from the audience reaction as well?

Live performances are very important to us. It’s an amazing feeling seeing people having a great time and being part of it! It’s like throwing at each other a big ball of energy which amplifies at every bounce! The way the audience reacts to a song can also tell a lot about it, whether it should stay on the set list or brought back to the drawing board. We are trying to have the best of times on stage and I always thought that a band having a good time on stage feels different to a “posing” one.

A New Tomorrow has played some legendary London Rock venues (The Borderline, The Underworld, The Barfly) in support of internationally known acts (Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols, Freedom Call, Slaves To Gravity) both in the UK and Europe, how has this experience been? How has it helped the growth and expansion of the band?

One of the reasons why we chose London when we decided to leave Italy was for its musical history. Most of the venues had bands in the past who had an indelible impact in music as we know it today. Playing in those venues still full of vibes, sometimes supporting bands you love, it’s something truly magical and really pushes you to make the best music you can.
We played Italy many times and after signing to Alpha Omega last year we also had the chance to support Thousand Foot Krutch in Ukraine and Belarus and opening the main stage at Atlas Weekend in Kiev a few months later. We are growing slowly but steadily… And we can’t wait for more!!

After releasing your debut EP “Incandescent” in 2012 (Top EP on Metal Hammer Germany) and the single “Damn You” in 2013, you completed your latest effort “Back To Life”, a 5 track mini album that shows the different faces of your music. Melodic, Rough, Vibrant, “Back To Life” is a new step in the band’s musical journey! So what can you tell us about your next release? When can your fans expect it? Will you be changing the sound in any regards or will be staying the course with your signature sound?

We are currently recording our first full length album at our London studio (Rogue Studios) and most of the songs in it come from jamming together. Consider that one of the songs will be exactly as it came out while jamming. The new album is spacing between being more aggressive and full of atmosphere retaining still an “A New Tomorrow style”. A few friends, whom you have surely heard of, will be appearing as guests. Just talking about this is making me more and more excited! All the dates for the recordings are set and the album should be ready for mixing by the end of July.

In closing Congratulations on your signing with Alpha Omega Management . Where can your fans find A New Tomorrow in 2017? What is your touring schedule looking like thus far? Any festivals planned for this upcoming summer? Any chance of a North American tour?

At the moment our priority is to finish the album so as soon as we come back from our tour with Fates Warning we will concentrate on the production. We have a couple of festivals in the process of being confirmed and after the completion of the album we will be back on stage around the end of the year!

Any final words to your fans and readers of our publication? Good luck with your future endeavours.

We would like to thank you guys for the support!!

And to all the rockers and metalheads out there, see you during the Fates Warning tour around Europe and come to visit us on our website and FB page and get in touch!!

It’s time for…A New Tomorrow.



David Maloney / MHF

Owner of METALHEADS FOREVER and Co-Owner/Writer for Metalheads Forever Magazine/Media Corp.


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