Are you a fan of true hard hitting Rock n Roll with a soul ? A band formed and influenced from the musical DNA of the Rock n Roll Metal Godz ? you know; the true fathers of Metal , Iron Maiden; Judas Priest; Black Sabbath; Led Zepplin; well you get the drift. I want to introduce you to a band that not only fits that profile but exceeds it . “Attack of the Rising” The band was formed in Los

Angeles in 2014 and is comprised of:

These 5 guys not only write, compose and perform awesome tunes but do it with a purpose.


It was a privilege to be able to ask Morgan Van Harding (Guitarist) of ATOR a few questions for this month’s issue of Metalheads Forever Magazine. I would like to start by saying how much we appreciate the opportunity and you taking the time to give our members a more personal view inside the band and out…let’s begin…

How did Yourself , Chris , Bobby , Tony and Jerome meet and when did you decide to form ATOTR ? I know this is a pretty standard question but the answers are usually pretty interesting and always help our readers connect in a more personal way.

Well Bobby Chris and Tony grew up together. Bobby & I played in a band together when I was 15 or 16 yrs. Old. And Jerome & I have been friends for yrs. Well Tony & Chris had the first version of ATTACK OF THE RISING yrs ago. Well the band was put to rest. Then time goes by and Tony & Bobby were wanting to put a band together and they did with Tony’s brother Chris & Another guitar player. Then Bobby & Tony got Scott Miks on bass guitar, They played a few shows. The band was called Criticalmass. That went on I think about 2 yrs. Then That band was playing a benefit and asked me to come up & play a song with them. I did and it was a blast. Had a great time. First time I’ve played live or with any band after 25 yrs. Then some time went by and The band started having problems with the other guitar player. So that guy left the band, They asked me if I would like to join the band. We talked for awhile we decided to change the name of the band & start a new band. So we were talking about names for a band then Tony said what about ATTACK OF THE RISING & Something else. I don’t remember the other name he had in mind. But I really liked Attack Of The Rising and so did everyone else so we went with it. The first year we were together we would play everywhere we could. We put out a 5 song EP. Getting lots airplay all over the world thru internet radio and a few FM radio stations. The second year we started focusing on bigger and better shows. Our bass player Scott wasn’t happy what we were doing. So after some time Scott & The band split ways. All good! Nothing but love for Scott. So we got Jerome in the band now and we are moving forward. We are doing pretty good. We opened for Metal Church Armored Saint Diamond Head just to name a few. Right now we are in full production writing songs for the new album that will be mid 2017.

I know you guys have a deep commitment to several issues that that seem to be infecting the world . I think I would go as far as to categorize ATOTR as a” Metal Hearts Band”. What I mean by that is a lot of bands these days don’t seem interested in the message they project through their music as long the riffs are hard and loud. ATOTR seems like a band looking to make whatever difference for the better they can. This said are there any special causes that are at the top of the list? and can you elaborate a little on how you incorporate your message into your songwriting ?

Hahahaha Yes when we write a song we try to write about something that is important to us or just a eye opener what’s happening with or in the world today. We come from the old school per say! We write with something to say or a meaning. Whatever it may be. lol

LA has a terrific music scene and you guys have gotten to play at some of the most famous venues in the Rock universe …. Out of the ones you have played is there one that stands out for you guys ?

Well I think for the band it has to be the World Famous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, Ca. We always have great shows there. Always play with some great bands. Speaking for myself anyway.

Attack Of The Rising, released 06 December 2014 was your self titled debut EP . It features such notables as . Fields Of Maiden and Blood in the Sand ( which is one of my personal favorites) The whole album is hard driving in your face Metal with a classic sound with an original twist. I’ll call this a teaser album cause it left us wanting more which brings me to my next question …

Are you guys in the studio now and when can we expect the next release?

Right on Thank you. I’m glad you dig the EP. I gave you the rundown on the first question but I will tell you this. Is that we recorded that live off the floor. Old School like all our heros did back in the day. A few of those songs were 1 takes & the others were only 2 or 3 takes that’s it. We started recorded all 5 songs in about 6 or 7 hrs. That was recorded at FlashRock Studios in N. Hollywood, Ca. Produced by Jeff Lortz

We put that out I think we been a band 3 mos. At this point. We wanted to get some music out quick for people to hear what the band is about. So that’s some small facts that not many people know. lol And yes we start recording the new album in Feb. and it should be released in April 2017. Pretty much we are almost done writing the album. Just a few more songs to go so we have a few extra to pick the final 10 songs. So we are excited to get it out and hit the road to support it.

Scott Miks was the original bass player , and when he left the band and Jerome came on board how hard was that transition period ? Jerome seem to have filled the position and appears to be a great fit with you guys and brings an awesome amount talent and personal style to the group.

Well to tell you the truth. It was a bit hard for me. Scott & I are really close. I think of him as a brother. Loved playing music with him. We had some great times, We will continue to have lots more adventures together. Lol But Jerome is the new guy, He is doing great!! Like I said earlier Jerome & I have been friends for years. Great guy Great player, He has his own style, brings it. So when he came in he had his shit down. The first time we played with him. I think he made like 2 or 3 little mistakes out of like 8 or 9 songs. But he did his homework that’s for sure. He came in ready to go. We were all thinking it would take him longer but boy were we wrong. We played a warm up show for his first show to get a feel with playing with us live. He did a fuck’in great job. People were like wow Jerome is a great fit, He brings it. Then his next show was opening for Diamond Head at The Whisky A Go Go to a packed house. The crowd loved us. We got our first encore. The crowd wanted 1 more song, We gave it to them hard. ATTACK Style Lol Funny story. Jerome for the longest time would say I belong in this band. Lol True story. Now he is a full member of AOTR. We are excited for what’s to come. 2017 is going to be a great year for the band.

Being a musician is a full time job and lots of hard work; when your not doing band stuff what do you guys do to relax ?

Well speaking for myself. I like to hang out at home with my daughters Hang out with friends. Go out support friends bands. I stay pretty busy so not a whole lot of down time. So I really love being home with my daughters. My daughters & I are pretty close. It’s always great when they come to shows. They bring friends. It’s pretty cool. Well it is to me anyway. lol

Finally I would like to Thank Morgan Van Harding of AOTR for taking the time to answer a few questions for our readers and your fans present and future . We look forward to 2017 and the release of your next album . Thanks again and” Keep the Rock Alive”

Thank you John for all your support. YOU ROCK \m/

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