Armored Saint

Interview by Keith Clement

The American Heavy Metal band formed in 1982 in LA, California consists of John Bush on Vocals, Joey Vera on Bass, Jeff Duncan on rhythm guitar and Sandoval brothers Gonzo and Phil on Drums  and Lead Guitars. Armored Saint achieved success but not to a greater extent due to issues with recording label and the death of Original Guitarist Dave Prichard. The band disbanded when Bush Joined Anthrax and reunited back in 1999 and been touring and recording since then.

I had the opportunity to speak with John Bush himself on some of the topics, Lets hear from the legend the man John Bush.

Hi John, I’m Keith from Metalheads Forever Magazine, How are you today?

Hey man, I’m doing well, Celebrating my child’s birthday, so I will be in and out, Hope you don’t mind.

Happy Birthday to your Child, It’s perfectly fine with me, It’s a big day for you man.

Thanks Man

Late this summer you guys are doing a North American tour for the Classical album Symbol Of Salvation, how do you feel about that?

 It’s an amazing thing to do a tour specific to this album, we will be playing the complete album in our shows, It was the album that got great attention for Armored Saint, so I’m happy and look forward to a great time with the fans and performing for them.

How does it feel to bring 1991 alive again?

Wow it’s 1991? makes me feel older haha…Maybe years have passed but the passion is much too strong, always love to perform and make music and this feels great….Armored Saint is still the same, the fans are going to experience it every time they come for a show.

Any plans for an International tour for Symbol Of Salvation?

 I don’t really think so, It’s an one and only North American tour.

This is the last album with Dave Prichard, this has to be more emotional for you?

Dave Prichard is always there, I always feel him wherever I perform, I still can’t believe that he has gone from us. His spirit will always be with Armored Saint. This tour is for him.

If asked to Join Anthrax will you be Interested?

I don’t think so, Armored Saint is more than a family now to me, we have grown up together and to me this extended family is all that matters.

Any plans to hit the studio soon?

Nothing concrete as of now, but there are many songs written, maybe by end of 2018 0r 2019..lets see how it goes.

I don’t wanted to take much of your time today being your sons  birthday, Do you have a message for the fans?

No problem at all, Let all the Saint’s march into the venue and we will have a great time together.

Happy Birthday to your son again and you have a great day my friend.

Thanks and You too my friend.

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement


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