Omega Diatribe Interview

Omega Diatribe

Interview by Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, How are you guys?

Hajer: Hey buddy, it’s a pleasure to do an interview with you again!
Everything is just perfect, thanks for your question. We’re totally fueled up about to release our upcoming record Trinity in April. Can’t wait to share the tunes with ya’ll.

Akos: Hey! How is life?

It’s been more than a year since our last Interview, how are things going with Omega Diatribe?

Akos: Yeah, it was a pretty busy and also dark year for us. You must have heard of it we went through some changes.. Our singer Geri left our spaceship so we were like a cut off headed snake. You know Hungary is a small country, you can’t find a new guy at every corner who is matching in every way to your band. Fortunately earlier we had met Milan at a gig where he’d played with his band Sleepless and we’d talked to him. He’d been a very kind and funny guy; so the sympathy had emerged immediately at first contact. When Geri left Omega Diatribe, Milan was our first candidate to ask if he wanted to join with us. Luckily he said ‘Yes, of course. I love you guys, you are the best..’ or something like that.. HAHA.. So we are here now, our head is regrown, and this is a really big head! haha

Hajer: Yes, it was kind of hard times for us. It’s hard to live every memberchanging in the band you know… we’re all really close friends, like a family. But we don’t regret anything… all of the member changes take the band into a whole new level, so we believe we can do the level-up again. Milan is such a killer front-man… we were hungry for this vibe for a long time.

You are about to release your next LP Trinity in April, if I’m correct, so how is it coming out, how was the recording process?

Akos: You are damn correct; it will be out on CD and digital 01 APR in Hungary and Ukraine, 13 APR in EU/UK/Japan and 20 APR in the US under Metal Scrap Records. Recording process was a bit extended I must say. We had started with Geri and when he left we re-started with Milan, haha.. We had recorded the drums in a Budapest based studio and the rest (guitars, bass, vocals, fxs) in our own studio 515 STUDIO. We had to act fast since we already had a deal with Tue Madsen who mixed & mastered the record. Still he was really nice with us until we delayed the first appointment with reason we had no singer.. We felt really bad, this could seem un-professional for a legend like Tue. But luckily he trusted in us and he made a pretty good job on the record, it’s a monster sound he created.


How is the bands growth in years, how do you look Omega Diatribe into the future?

Akos: It’s funny because someday a guy asked me after one of our gig in Budapest how we did it to grow that fast (comparing to other bands in Hungary) and I was like what are you talking about man? we had started the band at 2008. So it’s only perspective how fast we’re growing. We feel ourselves lucky that we can go ahead year after year even if these are small steps comparing to other guys in the world. There are so many bands worldwide, it’s hard to become noticeable in this fog. We have our exact objectives time after time what should be our next step to reach another level, and we are learning continuously and working on it to achieve. We have big plans with this record Trinity, we are working on to tour in Europe and other countries, reach more people with our music.


You have worked with the legendary Danish music producer Tue Madsen for your upcoming album Trinity, how does it feel to work with him?

Hajer: You know, we grew up records which comes from the hands of Tue Madsen, so it’s like a dream for us. It’s nothing but a pleasure to work with him and the result speaks for itself.
Tue is a really great guy and he stands 2 feet on the ground. He really likes the new album so I feel he put 100% into this record.


The band is going to get great exposure globally as things are working good for you, how do you feel about it?

Akos: Trinity is absolutely a new level for us, we are really excited to show it to the world and we’re confident that it will open some new doors for the band. If it’ll really happen we are here with full power to ride the waves and provide some really massive show to our fans worldwide.

Hajer: I think the key of our “success” is to be real and do what our souls and hearts dictates. It’s nothing more… People always feel what is real and fake. We just random metal heads like you who love to play true music from the heart, no bullshit. That’s all!

I believe you have started touring, what are your current touring plans ?

Hajer: Yep, we’re on a Hungarian tour right now which contains 12 events all over Hungary, and one Slovakian event as well. We play there the new songs and the old classics as well.
The audience reaction about the new songs are speechless. We’re preparing for the summer festivals as well, and we work on a medium-sized EU tour with our booking agency. I hope we can make it real in the autumn. It will be nothing but a huge step forward for us!


What are the next plans for Omega Diatribe, how are you planning to take things further?

Hajer: The main thing is to promote the record called Trinity as hard as we can. We would like to tour with this record as far as we can. So, we’ll se how far we can push the boundaries.
We hooked up with a booking agency who will help us to reach venues around Europe, so we’re interested about the results.


Do you have a message for the fans and readers of the magazine?

Hajer: Thank your for the amazing support from all over the world guys. It means the world for us! We wouldn’t be where we are now without YOU!
Stay metal!

Akos: Yes, thank you so much everyone who believes in us! Hope we will see most of you in our shows and we can have great times together. Keep live music alive!

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement