Bad Moon Born

Interview by Santtu “Rebel” Kaskela

New wave of hard rock straight from Australia. Formed in 2015, debut EP “Chemical Lullabies” already has received some very good reviews, waken people up both nationally and internationally… The time has come to find out what the hell is going on. Let’s go… This will be fucking interesting !!

So honored to have this chance to have a moment with You… How are You doing ?

We’re all amazing thank you, hope you’re all doing just as well.

Would You tell us a bit about the history of Bad Moon Born… When did You decide the time has come for You to step forth and maybe a story behind the bands name if there is such a story ?

Bad Moon Born formed about 2 years ago when we decided to shed the skin of our old band “Rattlesnake” and head into the future in a new direction and a new sound. All the same members save the addition of our second guitarist Ned. Our band name came about really from everyone who had an experience with the moon at that point in their lives .

Frank: I believe I was driving home late at night from a gig down a pretty deserted highway. It was a full moon and I just had some eerie vibes about that moment.

Then over the course of the week each member had similar stories and the band name just fell into place.


How was/is the rock scene in Australia…. Filled with narrow minded know-it-alls who just listen to their favorites year after year and don’t even give a chance to new bands and their way of making music and everyday You have to struggle to get some attention You surely deserve… Or ?

This is a touchy subject. Australia has rock fans however I believe the avenues for new and upcoming bands to showcase their talents and build there crowds are fairly low.
With radio stations making their Aussie quotas late at night with little listeners to just the spread out population across Australia, this leaves acts to basically focus on building an online presence and that is its own issue as the internet is a vast ocean and we need to basically make a huge wave to get noticed.


Is life just sex, drugs & rock’n roll 24/7 or do You know how to relax and just take it easy ?

We all like to have a good time but we definitely know and need to relax.

Frank: For me especially I like the quiet as much as I enjoy the loud.


Tell us a little about Your songwriting process… Is someone in charge or do You work as a team ?

With us the songs come about it one of three ways. The first would be Voya records a whole demo track without vocals and then Frank comes in a lays some demo vocals over it. The second would be Frank comes up with a melody first and then its either brought to Voya OR the band and we jam on it.
Or finally as we’re jamming out in rehearsal we stumble across a melody or a hook as were mucking around and we build from there.

Your debut EP has already gained some recognition… Obviously a result of hard work, blood, sweat and tears… Did You have some difficulties while making it and are You more than happy with the final result ?

Our debut EP was a collection of new tracks and some of our favourites from our “Rattlesnake” days. Over the years we had written a bunch of songs and we wanted to track the ones we really enjoyed playing and we knew sounded awesome at a live show.
We worked with a friend of ours ‘Cale Storer” who produced our debut EP and his input was invaluable. He helped refine our tracks and in the end we ended up with an EP we are all proud of.

Do You guys work as a well oiled machine, have the same visions and goals or are You at each other’s throats every once and awhile ?

Being in a band is like being in multiple relationships at once. Everything has its ups and downs. However the key is communication. We all want what is best for the band and we can all get together and talk about whatever is bugging us. Even it it is another band member. We listen and we work it out.

Where do You get Your inspiration to Your music, who are Your biggest influences ?

Every band member has different influences, it’s hard to lock everyone down. We all like music so we kind of listen to everything. However, for our writing process and direction at the moment our biggest influences would probably be Sound garden and 30 Seconds to Mars.


Has everything or anything gone as You planned so far ?

Nothing ever goes to plan. You can only adapt. *Personally I suck in putting bands and music to different “genres” since labeling is not my thing…


How would You describe Your band and music Yourself ?

There are a lot of genres these days and everything has some form of crossover at this point. We used to call ourselves ‘girth rock’ (don’t ask why, because we don’t really know either), but now for us I’d just say we’re just modern hard rock.

What does the future look like for You Guys… We want news, tour dates maybe even secrets to share ?

Our new single is dropping in a week on our Facebook page and across music streaming sites the week after so keep your eyes peeled on our socials.
And we have the honour of touring with Skidrow for a few shows in Australia and New Zealand, which we are beyond stoked about. Anything after that, we’ll have have to wait and see what the future holds for us.

As for secrets… if we told you we’d have to kill you (and then management would probably kill us).

When coming to Your show… What can we expect ?

Let’s just say that we’re here for a good time, not a long time, and leave the rest to your imagination.

Any last words (not literally) to people who are reading this, the Family of MHF, Your fans and Your soon to be fans ?

To the MHF Family and our fans, we can’t be thankful enough for your endless support. For our future fans and the readers, we’ll see you soon at a gig near you…

Thank You so much Santtu “Rebel” Kaskela

MHF Magazine/Santtu “Rebel” Kaskela


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