“Beasto Blanko” Interview by Thisha Lindley

First of all, thank you so much for finding the time to answer a few questions for us here at Metalheads Forever Magazine. How is everyone?

Everyone is killer!!

Having come together in 2012, in a short time you have already released two full length albums, Live Fast Die Loud (2013) and now your new release, the self titled, Beasto Blanco (2016), both of which were released with Rat Pack Records. What can you tell us about how you came to work with Rat Pak Records? What was the deciding factor in choosing to work with them?

Rat Pak works hard for the artist. Being a new band we felt it was important to have a label that would continue to support the record long after the release. We felt like the label and the band both have something to prove.

What was it like to work with Ryan Green who has also produced famous artist like Alice Cooper, Lita Ford and Mr. Big? How was the recording process? Did things just seem to come together fairly quickly or was it a lengthy process?

Ryan is an amazing engineer / producer. Ryan has a fine tuned ear and his knowledge around the board is exceptional. The process was smooth. We tried not to overthink things, but at the same time made sure we all listened to each other’s ideas or parts. With everyone’s busy schedule it took a little longer than expected. But, we couldn’t be happy with why the record turned out!

Everyone seems to mesh so well together during your live shows. Have any of you played together prior to Beasto Blanco? If so, when and where?

Calico and I toured for years together with Alice Cooper. Our chemistry on stage is dynamic and spontaneous. Brother Latham and I go way back and have been jamming together for years. Everyone in the band and crew has an important part of our live show.

Your music is just so raw and energizing, how hard is that to convey in your live show? What can fans expect of your life set? What would you say to the first time fan who will attend your show?

Its Rock n Roll – that’s what we do, it’s in our blood. The live show is what we look forward to. A Beasto Blanco show consists of energy, entertainment and theatrics. We demand your attention, we want you to keep your eyes on stage and become part of us.

You have just released your new album and it is already spreading like wildfire. How does it feel to be so ahead of the game with Beasto Blanco only being together a little over 4 years? You have accomplished so much in such a short time, what do think contributes to your bursting success?

Thank you. The truth is we’ve been busting our asses. Always working, touring as much as we can. Always writing and visualizing where and what’s the next step. With the help of our label, staying true to what we believe in and thinking of the fans first, has all helped keep the fire burning.

What do you cite as your major influences? How do you feel these influences have affected the band’s overall sound? You definitely have a very catchy and unique sound all your own. How hard was it to capture the sound you envisioned?

We’re a product of Rock n Roll – from the early 70’s to the current sound and growth of the recording technology. We’re a visual sound first. How do we grab you right away? How do we capture our live sound? It really depends on the template you start from. We make sure the songs have the over all important Beasto Blanco elements (lyrics, riff, hooks, energy) before we enter the studio. That way we’re more then half way there. Plus, we keep our energy clear, the mind open. You never know what may happen if you follow that kind of inspiration.

I really enjoyed your version of “Feed My Frankenstein”, what came about to have you decide to cover such an iconic song? I love your version, adds a bit of a modern feel to a timeless classic! Best of all to have the blessing from the man himself, Alice Cooper, that must have been quite the honor. What made you decide to record this to your album? Thank you it has become one of my favorite tracks. The truth is we had some extra studio time and the idea was to track a couple extra songs to release as singles etc..

FMF was a song we’ve been wanting to track for a while now. Once we pieced the song together, we added Calico’s vocals, then the song started to have life. It was easier after her parts were in, to hear where the rest of the vocals would fall. The over all sound was up to production. And Ryan Greene really gets all the credit for the sound of Feed my Frankenstein. He knocked it out of the park. Every time I hear that song I hear something new.

Wrapping up, I would just like to express what an honor it is to get the chance to catch up with Beasto Blanco, knowing you are all so busy with touring. What can the fans expect in the near future? Where can they find you playing out? Any last words for the fans?

Thanks for having us. Check out all social media for Beasto Blanco updates. There is always something going on. We’re already writing for the third album and there’s other big announcements / releases coming soon as well, as well as upcoming tour dates. To our Loyal Beasts out there – thank you for your support! Everything we do has you in mind. See you soon. BB.

Thisha Lindley / MHF Magazine

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